Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tackle Box ( oh boy ! nothing is sacred)


9:40 AM - 32 Collins Street/
Copper piping reported stolen

2nd level of movies 14 Parkade
2 vehicle break- ins 8:56 p.m.

St. Nick’s parking lot
Vehicle break -in 9:15pm

325 Parish Street
Home broken into/ reported at 5 p.m.

4 cars broken into South Street
Wilkes- Parking lot / 12:45 a.m.


Email from my Aunt who works downtown….

A girl I work with was mugged on Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. coming out of Genetti's from lunch right in front of the police station by two kids on bikes. They tried to grab her purse, which was a shoulder bag, and knocked her down. But when she fell, she inadvertently took the kid on the bike down with her! So he didn't get her purse! But she is all banged up and bruised - her arm is all swollen and wrapped, and her knee is all cut and bruised.

     Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from 9/5 to 9/12

Theft from motor vehicles:

E. Northhampton – I pod

E. Market and Penn Ave.

75 Courtright St.- Stereo

117 Noble Lane- cash

1239 Scott St- purse

Park and lock 2nd floor- 4 cars

177 Dana-cash, camera, and clothing

362 Dana

Dana and Sherman- GPS, I phone charger and cash

362 S. Sherman- Tackle Box ( oh boy ! nothing is sacred)

392 S. Sherman- Satellite radio

2 cars at 154 Noble lane- DVD and stereo

574 S. Franklin- Laptop

32 and 28 Stucker Ave. - cash

1st block of South Main St. – purse

52 S. Main- GPS

242 Madison- Ipod

34 S. Main- large amount of money

St. Nicks- the Bingo

Other crimes :

Monroe St.- Robbery – Took purse

396 Park Ave.- Burglary- T.V and Video Games

200 Coal St. – Purse

222 E. Main St- Gold jewelry

20 Mayer- Burglary- Video Games

131 Wood St. – Burglary- scaled a tree, smashed window got into locked safe and took cash and computer.

Park and Lock – tried to steal Harley

75 Joseph Lane- Burglary

40 E. Market- Credit cards and Id stolen

292 Coal St.- Car stolen

165 Loomis- Copper pipes stolen

82. S. Sherman-Car stolen

1515 Scott- Burglary- Money, computer, handgun

185 Stucker- Burglary- Money and saving bonds.


  1. Hopefully all those "non-thinkers" who leave their belongings in plain view in their cars will have a awake up call???
    What does it take to get people to be more attentive to their personal safety, and that of their belongings???

  2. i must say this isn't too bad for the week. It could always be worse, much worse.

  3. If I ever get woken up by my cars security system at night the vandals will be sorry