Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I could see it all now…


Being a science fiction fan, I have seen hundreds of movies with aliens from outer space coming to earth for various reasons.  But, not one of them ever even remotely suggested that the aliens would be invisible thieves that smash windows and  break into cars; striking in the  light of day, around crowds of people and loads of cameras and not being seen at all.

What, oh what, could they be doing with our purses, IPods, stereos, CD’s and GPS systems in these far off galaxies ?

Sounds crazy?  It is the only plausible answer I can come with. How could all this be happening over and over right under our noses?  Public Square, Park and Lock Central, Wilkes and Kings parking lot, Main Street, etc. and no one sees them?
Well, here it is… If you have a better idea.. let me know.


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from
9/13 to 9/19

Theft from motor vehicles:

On Saturday afternoon 5 cars had windows smashed and items taken right on PUBLIC SQUARE!

On Sunday afternoon 3 cars had their windows smashed on the 2nd floor of the Park and Lock.  2 of them had nothing stolen. (Now they are just smashing them to look in the glove box!)

176 N. Washington- Gloves, Jacket and IPod
 3 cars - Park and Lock – S. Main - Mp3 player, IPod, Books and book bag
River and Ross- Cds and Stereo
N. Washington and North – cash
226 S. Washington- CD, Backpack and books
3 vehicles in Wilkes- Parking lot- windows smashed- IPod, stereo, shoes

Please…. if you know anyone who attends either college alert them about this.

Other crimes:
95-97 Station St.  – The house was shot up at night.  Innocent owners were unaware until morning.
207 Bowman St.- Burglary- 40 inch T.V.
R.255 Bowman St.- Two motorcycles were reported stolen.
704 N. Main St.- Burglary- Jewelry
190 Bowman St. - Burglary- T.V.
62 Sullivan St.- Burglary- Laptop and hard drive
8 Laning Lane- copper pipes
42 E. Chestnut St.- Burglary- Jewelry
38 E. Chestnut St.- Burglary- Shotgun
96 Hickory St- Burglary- video games and Laptop

*********** KISS A COP *********

155 Wood St.- Burglary –caught them in the act.

Dewey lane- Juveniles shooting paint balls at cars- caught them.

Other crimes around town:

Windows smashed in cars behind the Height/ Murray School
Car stolen from Barney St- Lady dropped it off to get fixed and put keys in slot. Wham.. Car is gone.

  Report from “Scanner Addict”:

9/20- 4:04PM Hispanic or black male, smashed a vehicle window in the 3rd level of the Intermortal parking garage, then fled the scene.
9/20-5:34-PM South Washington Street vehicle broken into.


  1. Oh, those clever aliens! They are probably learning the value of money, how to moon walk like Michael Jackson, someone rest his soul. They are enjoying the sport of petty thievery and will probably remain here on Planet Earth - at least until we blow ourselves up.

  2. Cellphone Ordinance? More people than ever seen doing dumb things while driving and talking.
    No enforcement.............
    Blighted property Ordinance: .No enforcement
    Citizen participation in reporting suspicious activity, approx. (Maybe .02%, based on 41 K Pop.)
    Camera assisted arrests??
    Punishment to suit the crime? (negligible)
    YOU provide the opportunity, "The Element" will provide the crime!!! CYA @ all times!!!!