Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Six months on house arrest
followed by one-year probation! 

Are you kidding me?
This guy has an unbelievable rap sheet!

Possession of seven packets of suspected heroin, assault, breaking into vehicles, punching an Officer, shoving a paramedic and spitting on him, possession with intent to deliver and theft by unlawful taking charges.

This is the same guy that used an
 I.D. he had stolen off one of his victims
when he went to the
hospital when he was stabbed !

How frustrating and insulting to the police ,
victims and residents.

February 8 … Times Leader
WILKES-BARRE – A man charged with assaulting a paramedic and police officer in October 2009 was sentenced Monday to two years in the county’s Intermediate Punishment Program.
James Michael Hughes, 22, with a last known address of State Street, Wilkes-Barre, was sentenced on charges of simple assault, public drunkenness and harassment, as well as an unrelated charge of possession of a controlled substance by Luzerne County Senior Judge Joseph Augello.
Augello said Hughes will serve the first six months on house arrest followed by one-year probation. Hughes must serve his sentence consecutively to another house arrest sentence he received last year on unrelated possession with intent to deliver and theft by unlawful taking charges.
According to court papers:
On Oct. 23, 2009, police were called to Oaklawn Avenue in Hanover Township for the report of a man attempting to break into vehicles. Police said Hughes was eventually taken to the police department, where he was highly intoxicated and had swelling on his head.
After requesting medical attention, Hughes threw punches at an officer and shoved a paramedic and spit on him.
In the drug case, police said Hughes was in a vehicle on Carey Avenue in Hanover Township when police found him in possession of seven packets of suspected heroin.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
2/1- 2/7
Turkey Hill store on Hazle Avenue – Robbery
Carey Avenue - prescription medication was removed from purse
North Hancock Street - license plate DLW 2524 was stolen from vehicle.
Outside of Rite-Aid store on Amber Lane- Robbery- BB gun used.                                     Police arrested a Philadelphia man after he attempted to rob a person at gunpoint outside the Rite Aid store on Amber Lane in Wilkes-Barre. Authorities charged Daniel D. Stewart, 22, with robbery, simple assault and terroristic threats.
North Sherman Street – robbery-  with gun - The gunman fled in the direction of Logan Street.
Gilligan Street-  resident startled a burglar. Entry was made by breaking a lock on a basement door.
Marjorie Drive – Burglary – through a window they broke in kitchen.
118 S. Welles St. – Burglary - Copper pipe and wiring.
West River St.- Burglary- Man was awoken to find burglar in apartment. - A Mac computer and a Camera were taken.
52 S. Main St- . Driver's side rear window smashed.

From “ Scanner Addict”
2/6 - 12:18AM -212 Academy st.-  several shots fired, witness seen  a male running towards A plus
2/6-1:20AM - Stabbing victim in General hospital ER, , happened in front of Wilkes University.

There were 48 Overdose deaths in
Luzerne County last year.

One person a week.

The average age was 40 years old.

Most if not all were caused by mixing drugs and/or alcohol.

Polypharmacy they call it.

Many more would have died had it
 not been for a drug called Narcan
administered by First Responders
when they feel it is warranted.

Naloxone (Narcan)
Class: Narcotic antagonist
Action: Reverses the effects of narcotics by competing for opiate receptor
sites. Will reverse respiratory depression cause by narcotics

Indications: Suspected overdose with depression of respiration and/or hypoxia
Narcan — an “opioid antagonist” — is injected into the muscle tissue of the upper arm and is quickly released into the bloodstream to counteract the effects of the opioid in the victim’s body.

I have been told by Firefighters that ..

”It’s like a movie where you see a vampire come back from the dead.”

One young man who was already blue was upset because they used this drug and ruined his HIGH !

The sad part is most don’t stop.. they get a second 
 chance at life just continue on with their drug habit.

Just right now… 3:45 a.m.  
A man was stabbed in arm and leg in a
 robbery on Courtright Street.
The assailant had a ski mask on.


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