Friday, December 17, 2010

While we are working are they !

Ladies, Could This Be You?
Every year, thousands of women are victims of theft in our nation's super- markets and department stores. It only takes a second for a thief to snatch a wallet out of an unattended purse or the whole handbag itself.
 The remedy for this problem is simple: Ladies, never turn your back on your purse.

One of my biggest pet peeves is women who leave their purse unattended in their shopping cart. Ladies, you're asking for it. Do not EVER leave your purse unattended. A thief can grab it and be gone before you even realize it's missing.

Many of the shopping carts in places like groceries stores and Wal-mart have SEAT BELTS for children in their carts.
 I use that seat belt to put it through the straps of my purse. I still don't leave my purse unattended, but I have that added protection of knowing someone can't just grab it and run.

While we are working so are they.. 

What time is a burglar more likely to strike?  Day or night? 
Most studies show that burglaries tend to happen more during the day.
Most daytime crimes happen from 7 to 10 in the morning.

 This time is popular because burglars want to be sure they are alone in your home.
They wait outside your home until you leave for work or take the kids to school before they break inside.
So be alert to strangers lurking around your neighborhood.  

Just today and yesterday.. Two homes, one on Hillard Street and one on Carlisle Street, were burglarized  in the daytime !

True story…
A few years ago, there were several homes being burglarized in the East End section of town in the daytime. Our Crime Prevention Officer told the folks at their Crime Watch meeting to be vigilant  and please call 911 if they seen anyone suspicious hanging around.
They listened and seen a young man hanging around a home whose residents were in work. They called the police and low and behold .... the police found a window broken and searched the house and found the burglar hiding in the Christmas tree box in the cellar !   

This time of the year there are a lot of gatherings, at homes, taverns, churches etc.

These are prime opportunities for car break- ins.
Lots of cars and not too many people thinking about crime…
Well… Please think about it.

 Another true story…
A few months ago a big party was being held outside and people parked their cars in an open lot across from the home. While the party was going on a thief broke a window in the car and stole a purse out of the car !  

Please remind people to lock cars, leave nothing in plain view… and maybe a few people could take a walk outside once in a while.

From “ Scanner Addict”

12/14 - 69 North Empire street, between 11 and 12
Shots were heard then people were seen running, The caller said he had it on camera, cops went and found casings.

12/15-3:52PM - 57 Hillard Street, resident came home discovered front door open and jewelry missing.

12/15-3:15PM - 326 South Sherman Street, car broken into, purse stolen.

12/15-3:24PM - 503 East Market St, in front of PP&L, a worker seen 2 males pulling a laptop from underneath a vehicle.

12/15-3:38PM - 141 Moyallen St, friend of family came to residence stole large amount of money.

12/12-9:58PM - 2 vehicles vandalized in the Ramada parkade.

12/11-3:32PM - 2 Oakwood Lane, windshield smashed out on vehicle.

12/11-3:13PM - 2 South Empire street, window smashed out on vehicle.

My last true story…

Around 1:00 PM yesterday, a call came from Gardner Ave, a female was crying hysterical saying she was kidnapped from the Bronx, New York and someone was going to kill her!
 She ran into a home of someone she didn’t t know on Gardner Ave.
 The police got on scene and asked her for her name and birthday, and she was changing her story and giving different information.

She came up as a runaway from the Bronx.
Wilkes Barre police had all the information at the station in regards to her being a runaway.

 Several police officers were called to scene. Along with a News station.

Turns out…she made the whole story up! There was no kidnapping. She made up the whole story just to get home.

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  1. Everyone keep your eyes open for a filipino female. Drives a saturn grey or one of her drug dealers car. Long black hair usually prostitutes around sheetz and uni mart. Another junkie! Never alone usually with one of her pimps. Steals from cars. Lately I have seen her by hanover area or by tgi's parking lot and the sunoco gas station behind the restaurant. She was just arrested for receiving stolen property but is back out on the streets.