Monday, July 25, 2011

We have to do something.

Gangs 101
The Gang’s #1 concern is making money by selling illegal drugs.
Gangs are here. ( Ask any police officer or correction officer)
Gang members from larger cities come to our area to recruit our residents.
They usually go after young teen boys.  
Teenagers feel powerful, rich and respected at a young age. They think they are going to become a rich and famous gang member.
They then become addicted and sell to others in the community who then become addicted.
The addicts then need hundreds of dollars a week to maintain their drug addiction.

How do they get it?  
Crime……. Burglaries, robberies, etc.  
And besides this Gang Wars begin .. the fight for territory.
Drive-by- shooting and fights.

We need to crack down hard on landlords who continually rent to “problem tenants”.
 NOW !
And if they don’t comply.. they should lose their license to rent. Period.
I have sent this to our City Council and Administration several times.

We have to do something !
But.. hey, what do I know.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
7/21– 7/24
Budget Car Rental at 391 Kidder St. - steering column was damaged on a 2011 GMC vehicle.
1193 Scott St.- burglary-   bicycle and jewelry stolen from her residence.
Orchard Street  - theft-  TFMV- sunglasses, clothing, an iPod, ear buds and a backpack
125 N. Sherman St. – Burglary- portable gaming system, an iPod and iPad
2009 Hyundai Elantra with Pennsylvania license EJL-4514 was stolen from the downtown.
108 Lehigh St. - shots were fired at her residence around 12:20 a.m. Sunday, breaking the glass in front door.
136 Spring St.-  burglary- A stereo and computer items
Pershing Street - someone threw a bottle at a window, cracking it.
South Hancock Street-  a brick was thrown through a window at her home.
Laurel Street- burglary-  TV and computer.
Darling Street – Theft- money
Bradford Street – Theft -  GPS system
McCarragher Street, TFMV- stole CDs and miscellaneous cards.
Carey Avenue- TFMV- laptop computer and portable DVD player
East Linden Street - Pedro Rivera, of Bronx, N.Y., was charged with two counts relating to the possession of a firearm and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.
Scott Street – Burglary -  strong box
North Empire Court  - Burglary- video game system, computer and four video games.
Sherman Hills apartments-  Three masked men, one carrying a gun, forced their way into a Sherman Hills apartment early Sunday morning.

George Ave.- robbery- 2:49 p.m. -One man assaulted victim and held him at knifepoint while the other took his necklace, watch, cell phone and hat.

71 S. Franklin St.- robbery-  TFMV- smashed window- Purse
A taxi driver was pistol-whipped during a robbery that occurred on Cherry Street.


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

True story.. my aunt left her purse on her table in front of a window and went to bed…
Wrong move !  The window was broken and purse was gone before she got down the steps !
Ladies… please don’t leave your purse on a table or counter where someone could see it from outside.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.     
And leave nothing in plain sight in your car…nothing. Not even and empty box of cigarettes, an empty bag, nothing.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile. My Mom passed away.
Horrible experience.
What makes it worse is that there was no preparation for it.
 What were we thinking ? Immortality does not run in our family.
So please, I know it is hard to talk about… but get your parents and yourself a Will. 
And let others know where it is and what your wishes are.

I’ll say this one more time!!! While we all care about you, PLEASE do not announce your vacation on Facebook.
 I see it over and over.
We care.. but we can wait to see those pictures when you get home. You really don’t know who is using your friend’s computer and could look their friends up on Facebook.

Drug addicts are desperate for cash.
It has been a heck of a few months for our Police…lots of burglaries. But many have been caught  and some with the help of citizens. Kudos guys.
How about this one…

And he said…” He told police that he doesn't "do drugs," but broke into the homes to get some money to go away because he got into a fight with his wife.”
Yea.. O.K. and I am anorexic!
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

Good Advice from Crime Watch Member…..It's a very good idea to keep the key tag from a store card on your key ring with your keys. My brother found a set of keys up at the Hill climb today and the keys had a Price chopper key tag on the ring. I took the keys to Price Chopper customer service desk and they told me they will call the main office tomorrow, get the information and return the keys to the owner.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
6/27– 7/10
Hazel beer and deli- Robbery- caught with the help of Sugar Notch Police.
68 Wilkes lane- Burglary- gun and other articles.
133 North Main- Senuna’s Bar- burglary
246 N. Wash.- Burglary- T.V.- video games.
35 N. Welles- rock through window.
Hardware Bar- Fights, drunks and window broken and man urinating.
Parking lot central- man caught breaking into cars.
Murray complex- 2 men caught stealing copper.
33 Covell St.- electrical wire stolen.    
Wyoming St.- Home invasion- burglary and victim beat with gun.
119 Grove St.- Burglary- Jewelry
353 S. River- rock through window.
521 Madison St.- Burglary – Jewelry
299 S. Main St. - Coach Purse stolen out of open car. Ouch !

267 Wyoming St.- Burglary- took lots of valuable stuff. Man was seen leaving house with a suitcase. Neighbors called PD.  Noon time.
526 S. River- Copper Pipes
63 Willow St.  rock through window.
333 Blackman St. – theft- Video’s
21 Huber St. – Burglary- Video games
183 Grant St.- Electrical wire.
193 Loomis St.- Burglary – T.V.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

From “ Scanner Addict”

7/10-12:05AM - 35 North Welles Street apt 2, rock thrown through window.
7/9-11:22PM - 32 Essex Lane, rock thrown through window of residence.

7/5-4:06PM - 240 New Elizabeth Street, theft of money and bicycle.

7/3-11:36PM - 164 Scott street, resident came home and house was burglarized, cash stolen, things flipped over.

6/24-11:34PM - 263 Mayock street, house broke into, items stolen.

6/23-5:55PM - 464 South Franklin Street, residence broke into medication stolen.

6/6 - 12:09AM - 30 year old female, hallucinating, on bath salts, scrubbing herself with Pine Sol.

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