Friday, June 24, 2011

Twelve times the normal level !

Well, time to face it.. Meth has come to town.
Methamphetamine -- its slang terms include 'crystal,' 'crank,' 'glass,' 'ice,' 'speed' -- is a powerful, addictive synthetic stimulant that causes the brain to release a surge of dopamine, creating a high that lasts from six to 24 hours. Like cocaine, meth comes in two forms: powder or rock.
There are 1.4 million meth users in America, and the number is rising. Although meth has generally been associated with white, male, blue-collar workers in rural areas of the western United States, with meth's spread to the East Coast there's now more diversity among users. The National Association of Counties reports that users are both high school and college students and white and blue collar-workers as well as people in their 20s and 30s who are unemployed.

"Meth" is a highly addictive stimulant that can be smoked, snorted, injected, or taken orally. Users, particularly during the withdrawal, or "tweaking" phase, may experience acute psychosis and commit acts of extreme violence.  Meth creates an artificial pleasure sensation. It does this by mimicking the chemicals that, without drugs, would send pleasurable impulses to the brain. The problem with extended use of meth is that the brain can no longer tell the difference between artificial and natural pleasure signals.
Methamphetamine is so dangerous because it only takes one time to become addicted.
Meth use triggers a dopamine release that is about twelve times the normal level.
And the harsh reality is our kids, college students, neighbors and friends may be addicted !

It is here and we have to learn the signs…
The easiest outwardly visible sign of Methamphetamine use is rapid weight loss.
Another sign is that the user often becomes careless about their appearance and overall physical well being.
Obsessive, fidgety behavior.
A meth user often engages in constant, rambling conversation.
Dilated pupils and rapid, darting eyes.
Frequent sweating.     
Money and valuables missing.

Other signs of use may be the objects that can be found associated with the use of Methamphetamine. Items such as burned aluminum foil or light bulbs that have been converted to smoking devices. Small Ziploc baggies and cut drinking straws are indicators for use. An overabundant supply of butane fuel or windproof butane lighters could be an indication of use.

To learn about the dangers to our neighborhoods…

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Back in November I wrote a blog………   

Inquiring why can’t there be some kind of Data Base in the state that can alert either the doctor or the pharmacy that this person has received several prescriptions of narcotics?

Abuse of prescription drugs to get high has become increasingly prevalent among teens and young adults.  While heroin is probably the # 1 killer, prescription drugs come in a close second.                                                                   

Prescription painkillers — which kill thousands of Americans a year — has become a largely unrecognized epidemic, experts say.
 In fact, prescription drugs cause most of the more than 26,000 fatal overdoses each year, says Leonard Paulozzi of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Well here is a N.Y. State Attorney General's Idea.....

The program is designed to make it easier for doctors to avoid overprescribing drugs.
But what about Doctors who really don’t care?
Trust me when I tell you this… the Addicts know very well what doctor will freely give out narcotics.

It must be up to the State to alert the pharmacies when the addict/dealer comes in to fill yet another prescription.
 It should then be denied.
Right now, one person can get as many prescriptions for narcotics as they want. At as many pharmacies as they want.

Drug dealers doctor shop and get many prescriptions filled at different pharmacies then they sell them on the street.
It has to stop!

Tis the season…BEWARE
Pittston … From Times Leader
Police said two men posing as PPL employees stole jewelry from an elderly woman’s house on Thursday.
One of the men told the woman they were checking utility poles and meters in the area. He instructed the woman to turn on lights inside her house. As she did he looked through drawers, stealing jewelry, police said.
Police said the second man stayed outside. The woman realized jewelry was stolen after the two men left. Police said the man who entered the house is described as white, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and wearing a dark-colored short sleeve shirt and pants.

Wow.. Miners Mills got hit hard.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
6/2– 6/14
Armed robbery occurred early Wednesday morning at the Turkey Hill at Hazle Avenue and South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard. Police said two men pulled into the parking lot and parked in front of the automated teller machine at about 2:40 a.m. They waited for about 10 minutes before one of the men – described as black, 5 feet, 9 inches to 6 feet tall, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, a dark baseball hat, dark pants and a mask concealing his face -- entered the store brandishing a large silver revolver with a long barrel.
Abbott Street - a global positioning system was stolen from car
69 Public Square – burglary- jewelry
113 Waller Street – burglary-  gaming equipment from his residence.
65 Dewey Lane -  wallet was stolen from vehicle .
 352 East Main Street - damaged stereo equipment on vehicle
352 East Main Street – TFMV- cash
 1513 Scott Street – damage to vehicle’s door handle
69 Parrish St. - damaged locks of vehicle
227 George Avenue- someone entered Premo’s Bakery, 227 George Ave. burglary, cookies and small amount of money.
1515 Scott St. - Bike stolen
125 N. Sherman – Car window smashed
120 S. Sherman- Rock thrown through house window.
86 S. Grant- Smashed window
102 Wood St.- TFMV- wallet
37 Harry St.- Rock through car window
187 Parrish- Burglary-  copper pipes
790 Kidder St.- Graffiti on building
83 Marlbough Ave.- TFMV- Gym Bag
120 Sanbourne- air conditioner !
Park and Lock- TFMV- GPS
17 Dougher Lane- Above ground pool !
CEO – Amber lane- slashed tires
177 Old River Road- Brick through car window- power tools stolen
Assault and robbery- Church Street
265 Barney St. – Window smashed in car
13 Lock St.- License plate stolen
165 W. River- Window smashed on house
39 Calvin St.- Burglary- Router and bits
277 N. Main St.- Window smashed in car
474 South St.- Lawn Mower stolen
319 Horton- Burglary- - Money, Credit Cards, medication
28 Blackman- Copper pipes
129 Barney - GPS

 BB gun spree…( Police have suspects)
641 N. Wash.- car window
257 Barney St.- window in home
91 St. Claire- car window
89 St. Claire- window in home
88 Madison- - window in Home


5/31-9:35PM - 11 West North street, theft of weight lifting equipment.

6/1-10:59PM - 1261 Scott street, caller got home screen door kicked in, jewelry missing.

6/10-7:30PM - 126 Gilligan Street, house broke into.

213 East View drive, large fight 30 people, knives and machetes involved

6/7  Male on Park Ave stabbed in the face.