Monday, February 28, 2011

pushing a cart ?

we need this sign 
on Coal Street !

The Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch Coalition will be sponsoring
"Operation Identification"
in March

Crime Prevention Officer, Phil Meyers, will be presenting the program "Operation Identification” at all Crime Watch meetings throughout the city in March.  Operation Identification is a program designed to discourage theft and recover stolen property in your neighborhood by identifying, marking, and listing your valuable items or property.

This effort acts as a direct deterrent to theft because stolen items bearing etched identification numbers are more difficult to sell, easily recoverable and can be linked with specific burglaries, making prosecution more likely.

Residents bringing their smaller items to the meetings such as tools, electronic games, cameras, etc. will be etched for identification purposes.   

For more information on times and dates of meetings visit our web site www.wbcrimewatch .org
 Or call 208-8900.

Kiss a cop and an alert resident

Once again…the good guy wins.

A resident from Rolling Mill Hills called 911 because they seen something they felt was suspicious… 
And they were right.

Two guys going into an empty building with tools.. on a sunny afternoon.

Yep.. Stealing copper and metal they were..

From the Times Leader…

WILKES-BARRE – City police reported the following incidents:
• Police charged Paul David Roper, of 164 Nicholson St., with receiving stolen property Friday.
Police responding to a report of two males entering Great Northern Press, 181 Gilligan St., at 1:29 p.m. found Roper in a wooded area adjacent to the building pushing a cart and in possession of pipe fittings, police said. Roper admitted to entering the property but said he thought the pipe fittings were abandoned, police said.

From “ Scanner Addict”
2/26-9:52PM - 13 Aries street, front window of house smashed out.

5:15 Saturday afternoon.. reports of two people shot at .
Entrance of Coal Street Park.

2/25-8:28PM - South Hancock and South St, 15 year old male was victim of an armed robbery, suspects are 2 black males, they jumped him and got away with money.

2/25-4:24PM - 1353 North Washington street, window smashed out of residence.

20 Brookside St- Vandalism

2/25- car broken into- general hospital parking lot

 316 East Northampton St. – car stolen

 10:30PM George Ave. – manager’s car broken into-  smashed window

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Cookin ?

While Meth (Methamphetamine) is not the drug of choice in Luzerne County , it is still a concern in all of our neighborhoods because of the danger of contamination, chemical vapors, fire and explosions.

True story…

Pa. State Trooper Marty Connors was a guest speaker at the Glen Lyon Crime Watch. As he was telling the residents about Meth Labs, a few of the residents told him that what he was describing, such as the smell and condition of the property etc. sounded just like a house they have been suspicious of in their neighborhood.  Well, they were right!
The people were arrested and a potential disaster was averted.

Who would have thunk !  Meth Lab in Glen Lyon.

What is a Meth Lab?

A meth lab is an illegal drug manufacturing site containing materials required to manufacture meth.
Meth is made from common household items that are readily available at supermarkets and hardware stores.

 When these ingredients are mixed together or "cooked" to produce the drug, they generate a large amount of chemical waste. This waste is typically dumped down the drain, but may be stored, buried, or dumped elsewhere on the property.

Meth labs can be set up nearly anywhere, but are most commonly found in motel rooms, apartments, and rental properties. Other locations may include storage units, RVs, sheds, garages, vacant
buildings, and campgrounds.

Unusual Odors: Making meth produces powerful odors that may smell like ammonia or ether. These odors have been compared to the smell of cat urine or rotten eggs.

Covered Windows: Meth makers often blacken or cover windows to prevent outsiders from seeing in.

Strange Ventilation: Meth makers often employ unusual ventilation practices to rid themselves of toxic fumes produced by the meth-making process.

Elaborate Security: Meth makers often set up elaborate security measures.

Dead Vegetation: Meth makers sometimes dump toxic substances in their yards, leaving burn pits, "dead spots" in the grass or vegetation, or other evidence of chemical dumping.

Excessive or Unusual Trash:
 Meth makers produce large quantities of unusual waste that may contain, for example:
• packaging from cold tablets
• lithium batteries that have been torn apart
• used coffee filters with colored stains or powdery residue
• empty containers – often with puncture holes – of antifreeze, white gas, ether, starting fluids, Freon, lye, drain opener, paint thinner, acetone, alcohol, or other chemicals
• plastic soda bottles with holes near the top, often with tubes coming out of the holes
• plastic or rubber hoses, duct tape, rubber gloves, or respiratory masks.

And another telltale sign is the appearance of the Meth Usesers!

Attention Hikers:
 It's time to add one more thing to your list of things to avoid in the trails. After poison ivy, mosquitoes and bears, look out for meth labs. The rise of methamphetamine, the drug formally known as speed, has led to a climb in so-called mobile meth labs in rural Pennsylvania.

From “ Scanner Addict”

2/16-8:22PM - 238 Park Ave, vehicle vandalized, eggs thrown all over car.

2/15-2:13PM - 425 South Franklin street, break in to residence.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
2/17 – 2/21
Barney Street - TFMV - stereo and a wallet.
Scott Street – Burglary - model 26 Glock 9 mm pistol.
St. Clair Street - Burglary – hand tools from shed
Chestnut Street – Theft- video games
Pershing Street – Burglary - Toshiba laptop.
Harold Terry, 21, of Carey Avenue, was taken into custody Wednesday night for allegedly using a knife to rob the Quick Mart on North Main Street.
North Main Street- Burglary- medicine  
Anthracite Street – Burglary- two air conditioners
161 Parrish St. – Burglary- handgun
50 N. Penn Ave. – Theft- Cash

Sunday, February 20, 2011

They wait like Vultures…

Two stories, none good…
At 17 years of age I got caught drinking… ( in Brookside)..
Bunch of friends, few beers in the woods.

Cops came, put us all in a patty wagon, took us to the station,
Took our names, called our parents and we went home.

Few days later, we all got a fine in the mail.  Mine was 117.00 dollars.
I paid it and that was that.

That was then…..


This is now….

My niece… good kid.. much better than I was at 17.
Cheerleader type.. good grades .. never in trouble.
She was caught drinking with friends at age 17.

She was put away for THREE Months by
our illustrious Judge Ciavarella  !

She was in 12th grade..  She came home… a mess.. and quit school because of embarrassment and depression.

She eventually got her GED and when on to college… but what a travesty for her and all the other 
Ciavarella’s  Victims .

And Victims they are.

I couldn’t even watch it .. it makes me sick.  
When the adults that commit crimes
over and over get Home confinement!

They wait like Vultures

True story.  

We were out doing our regular nightly patrols around our neighborhood and seen a young girl that we did not know standing on the corner by our house very late at night.

She was texting someone.
  We past her and she looked upset.

We past again and asked her if she needed help or anything. She said very nervously  “NO”.

Next thing we know, she was gone.
She ran somewhere.

We circled around for quite awhile and never found her.
Next day we found out that our neighbors house who had recently passed away was burglarized !

She was standing right next to it !
Texting her boyfriend inside the house !

  Boy, we were dumb.

We quickly learned and try to pass it on to neighbors to watch  the vacant homes of recently deceased people.

The thieves watch the obituaries, so please be aware.

The last thing you need to have during a funeral is a burglary.

By the way… this girl was caught burglarizing two local establishments and now is in jail.

This goes for a wedding or any other
 event publicized in the paper.

Read Web site…Snopes..


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shame on You!

There are times, my friend,

When no matter how
 brave the Noble Knight

No matter how swift
his Gallant Steed

No matter how pure the
 Maiden he would rescue

No matter how Just the
 cause for which he fights

There are times, my friend,

When the Dragon will still win.

-- Unknown --

But sometimes he don’t…
Kiss a Cop and an Alert Citizen

Yesterday around eight o’clock in the evening a man sees
3 young men with hoods on going into his neighbor’s car.
He went out and yelled, they ran.
He got in his car and called 911 and followed them
 until the police got all three of them.
Great job.
3 local boys… in their late teens and twenties.
What were they thinking ?
What makes them think that they could just
 steal other people’s belongings?
I really wish we had some form of Public Humiliation.

Imagine carrying a sign in front of the local courthouse that reads:
 “I break into cars.”

Web page…..

From “ Scanner Addict”
2/8-7:42PM - 270 Parrish street male gunshot victim, shot twice in the leg.

2/8-3:27PM - 440 Madison street, resident came home and discovered back door kicked in, items missing.

2/11- 385 Madison St.- windows broken, pipes stolen

2/12- 3AM- 13 East Chestnut St.- man assaulted.

2/12- 3:15 AM – Intermodel- window smashed in car

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
2/7 – 2/13
22 Hayes Lane- Burglary- T.V., 5 guitars, VCR, liquor, and electric keyboard

36 W. River- Theft- Ipod

343 N. Washington- stolen car. Later found by WBPD

34 S. Main St- Burglary – Cash

20 Public Square- TFMV- GPS, IPod

233 Carlisle St.- Burglary- Laptop, & 42 Inch T.V.

Hardware Bar- Public drunk and fight with injuries. Man jumped by 4 or 5 other males.

387 Madison St.- Burglary- Copper pipes

270 S. Hancock- Purse stolen

160 Blackman- license plate stolen

R. 84 Scott St.- Wielding cables stolen

296 Madison- graffiti

155 S. Welles- Theft- Laptop

Glen Street- Burglary- Rings

February 15  Times Leader
POCONO TWP. – An assault rifle headed to the Sherman Hills apartment complex in Wilkes-Barre was seized during a traffic stop on Interstate 80 on Sunday, state police at Swiftwater said.
State police said they stopped a 2003 Cadillac Deville driven by Helen Marie McAllister, 24, of Wilkes-Barre, for a traffic violation at about 5 p.m.
During the traffic stop, a trooper noticed numerous criminal indicators that resulted in a search of the vehicle, according to a state police news release.
A Saiga AK-47 assault rifle with an altered serial number was found in a bag of clothing in the trunk, along with 10- and 30-round loaded magazines, state police said. Seventeen bullets were hollow points.
State police said the weapon was headed to the apartment complex in Wilkes-Barre. McAllister and a passenger in the vehicle, Jafa Leroy McAllister, 23, of Newark, N.J., were charged with illegal possession of a firearm and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number.
Helen McAllister was also charged with having improper sun screening on the vehicle, and Jafa McAllister was further charged with firearms not to be carried without a license.
They were jailed at the Monroe County Prison for lack of $15,000 bail each.
Kiss for you State Police !!!

Good Pickin's… from the Poet

I was away from home for about two weeks, returning on January 31st. On February 2nd I had a headache and went to bed early - 9:00 pm. Normally, I am a night owl and don't go to bed until between 2:00 and 4:00 am. I believe the following incident occurred because my routine is easily monitored.
The person who broke into my apartment thought I wasn't home. No lights had been on in my apartment during the time I was away. And, they were out early on this night.

So, at 11:00 pm my ADT security alarm beeped signaling that someone just opened my door. I own a service dog who started barking like a maniac with me yelling at him to be quiet. Thank goodness we made lots of noise!
 Because, when I opened my bedroom door, no one was there! I had assumed the person who opened my door was a family member and the only other person who has a key to my apartment door.

I found that my apartment door was left ajar. I know someone picked my lock. Had I not properly closed my door before retiring the alarm would not have beeped.
The latch must be completely engaged in order for the door to beep and the door must be opened about half way for the security alarm to sound.

A formal report was not made to police as the officer I spoke with seemed certain that the deadbolt was not picked.

 ADT Security Systems representatives tell me that the type of deadbolt that is on most apartment doors is easily picked by someone with the proper tools and a little practice.

My advice to everyone living in such an apartment is to block your door with something heavy or something that will make a lot of noise if your door is opened!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you kidding me?

Six months on house arrest
followed by one-year probation! 

Are you kidding me?
This guy has an unbelievable rap sheet!

Possession of seven packets of suspected heroin, assault, breaking into vehicles, punching an Officer, shoving a paramedic and spitting on him, possession with intent to deliver and theft by unlawful taking charges.

This is the same guy that used an
 I.D. he had stolen off one of his victims
when he went to the
hospital when he was stabbed !

How frustrating and insulting to the police ,
victims and residents.

February 8 … Times Leader
WILKES-BARRE – A man charged with assaulting a paramedic and police officer in October 2009 was sentenced Monday to two years in the county’s Intermediate Punishment Program.
James Michael Hughes, 22, with a last known address of State Street, Wilkes-Barre, was sentenced on charges of simple assault, public drunkenness and harassment, as well as an unrelated charge of possession of a controlled substance by Luzerne County Senior Judge Joseph Augello.
Augello said Hughes will serve the first six months on house arrest followed by one-year probation. Hughes must serve his sentence consecutively to another house arrest sentence he received last year on unrelated possession with intent to deliver and theft by unlawful taking charges.
According to court papers:
On Oct. 23, 2009, police were called to Oaklawn Avenue in Hanover Township for the report of a man attempting to break into vehicles. Police said Hughes was eventually taken to the police department, where he was highly intoxicated and had swelling on his head.
After requesting medical attention, Hughes threw punches at an officer and shoved a paramedic and spit on him.
In the drug case, police said Hughes was in a vehicle on Carey Avenue in Hanover Township when police found him in possession of seven packets of suspected heroin.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
2/1- 2/7
Turkey Hill store on Hazle Avenue – Robbery
Carey Avenue - prescription medication was removed from purse
North Hancock Street - license plate DLW 2524 was stolen from vehicle.
Outside of Rite-Aid store on Amber Lane- Robbery- BB gun used.                                     Police arrested a Philadelphia man after he attempted to rob a person at gunpoint outside the Rite Aid store on Amber Lane in Wilkes-Barre. Authorities charged Daniel D. Stewart, 22, with robbery, simple assault and terroristic threats.
North Sherman Street – robbery-  with gun - The gunman fled in the direction of Logan Street.
Gilligan Street-  resident startled a burglar. Entry was made by breaking a lock on a basement door.
Marjorie Drive – Burglary – through a window they broke in kitchen.
118 S. Welles St. – Burglary - Copper pipe and wiring.
West River St.- Burglary- Man was awoken to find burglar in apartment. - A Mac computer and a Camera were taken.
52 S. Main St- . Driver's side rear window smashed.

From “ Scanner Addict”
2/6 - 12:18AM -212 Academy st.-  several shots fired, witness seen  a male running towards A plus
2/6-1:20AM - Stabbing victim in General hospital ER, , happened in front of Wilkes University.

There were 48 Overdose deaths in
Luzerne County last year.

One person a week.

The average age was 40 years old.

Most if not all were caused by mixing drugs and/or alcohol.

Polypharmacy they call it.

Many more would have died had it
 not been for a drug called Narcan
administered by First Responders
when they feel it is warranted.

Naloxone (Narcan)
Class: Narcotic antagonist
Action: Reverses the effects of narcotics by competing for opiate receptor
sites. Will reverse respiratory depression cause by narcotics

Indications: Suspected overdose with depression of respiration and/or hypoxia
Narcan — an “opioid antagonist” — is injected into the muscle tissue of the upper arm and is quickly released into the bloodstream to counteract the effects of the opioid in the victim’s body.

I have been told by Firefighters that ..

”It’s like a movie where you see a vampire come back from the dead.”

One young man who was already blue was upset because they used this drug and ruined his HIGH !

The sad part is most don’t stop.. they get a second 
 chance at life just continue on with their drug habit.

Just right now… 3:45 a.m.  
A man was stabbed in arm and leg in a
 robbery on Courtright Street.
The assailant had a ski mask on.