Monday, September 27, 2010

Get smashed....

             “It’s me, it’s me- It’s Ernest T.!”

What is going on ?
Windows in cars and homes and business are
 being smashed everywhere!


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from
9/19 to 9/126

Theft from motor vehicles and smashed windows:

900 Scott St- Tried to pry door opened then smashed window.  Ipod

Park and Lock Central- 2 more cars- Smashed windows- nothing in plain sight.

Lincoln Plaza – Smashed car window

283 High St.- Smashed car window

85 Wyoming St-  5 Smashed car windows !

380 Coal St- purse from car

60 Lanning Lane- Smashed car window

215 S. Washington St. - Smashed car window

146 Sambourne St.-items stolen

Other crimes:

 68 W. Chestnut – theft- purse

5 N. Sherman St- Stolen Mimi Van

63 N. Franklin- Kirby Health Center – Smashed windows

222 S. Main-Verizon- Smashed windows on cars  

R. 21 Pershing St. – Burglary- Laptop

35 S.  Franklin-  Burglary – Victim’s Reach Program

St.  Mary’s Byzantine Church- 695- S. Main- Smashed window

133 N. Franklin- Theft-  2 laptops, video games  and cash

59 Pearl St- Copper Pipes

15 Caffery- 19 mm gun

6/8 Lanning Lane – Copper pipes

247 N. Penn Ave- Burglary

9/22-5:35 - Car broken into at Holiday Inn parking lot on Kidder Street.

9/22-6:28PM - Car broken into at the parking on East Northampton Street.


Know who is living in your neighborhood..


Just put in your street address, town and state then click on colored blocks and the person’s name, picture an information will come up.


  1. Until the guys in the black robes PROSECUTE those who the Police manage to catch. This will continue
    People must be more vigilant, and help law enforcement catch enough of these criminals to make examples of them. Thereby letting their ilk know that such behavior will NOT be tolerated by the citizens of Wilkes-Barre.

  2. Thanks to Crime Watch, and the Officers who responded this AM to a Crime Watch alert,another criminal who had been targeting the Rolling Mill Hills area will be off the streets for awhile.
    Maybe he will realize that just when you think you are getting away with something...Crime Watch is watching, and we WILL get you!!!Thank you WBPD. Together, with your cooperation we will get rid of these "undesirables"! And thank you Crime Watch for your tireless efforts

  3. Crikey! All of these smashed windows for some paltry items, or for nothing at all! Maybe we should put a big sign on the windshield of our vehicles that says: Take One - Free People usually pass that stuff by. LOL