Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Cookin ?

While Meth (Methamphetamine) is not the drug of choice in Luzerne County , it is still a concern in all of our neighborhoods because of the danger of contamination, chemical vapors, fire and explosions.

True story…

Pa. State Trooper Marty Connors was a guest speaker at the Glen Lyon Crime Watch. As he was telling the residents about Meth Labs, a few of the residents told him that what he was describing, such as the smell and condition of the property etc. sounded just like a house they have been suspicious of in their neighborhood.  Well, they were right!
The people were arrested and a potential disaster was averted.

Who would have thunk !  Meth Lab in Glen Lyon.

What is a Meth Lab?

A meth lab is an illegal drug manufacturing site containing materials required to manufacture meth.
Meth is made from common household items that are readily available at supermarkets and hardware stores.

 When these ingredients are mixed together or "cooked" to produce the drug, they generate a large amount of chemical waste. This waste is typically dumped down the drain, but may be stored, buried, or dumped elsewhere on the property.

Meth labs can be set up nearly anywhere, but are most commonly found in motel rooms, apartments, and rental properties. Other locations may include storage units, RVs, sheds, garages, vacant
buildings, and campgrounds.

Unusual Odors: Making meth produces powerful odors that may smell like ammonia or ether. These odors have been compared to the smell of cat urine or rotten eggs.

Covered Windows: Meth makers often blacken or cover windows to prevent outsiders from seeing in.

Strange Ventilation: Meth makers often employ unusual ventilation practices to rid themselves of toxic fumes produced by the meth-making process.

Elaborate Security: Meth makers often set up elaborate security measures.

Dead Vegetation: Meth makers sometimes dump toxic substances in their yards, leaving burn pits, "dead spots" in the grass or vegetation, or other evidence of chemical dumping.

Excessive or Unusual Trash:
 Meth makers produce large quantities of unusual waste that may contain, for example:
• packaging from cold tablets
• lithium batteries that have been torn apart
• used coffee filters with colored stains or powdery residue
• empty containers – often with puncture holes – of antifreeze, white gas, ether, starting fluids, Freon, lye, drain opener, paint thinner, acetone, alcohol, or other chemicals
• plastic soda bottles with holes near the top, often with tubes coming out of the holes
• plastic or rubber hoses, duct tape, rubber gloves, or respiratory masks.

And another telltale sign is the appearance of the Meth Usesers!

Attention Hikers:
 It's time to add one more thing to your list of things to avoid in the trails. After poison ivy, mosquitoes and bears, look out for meth labs. The rise of methamphetamine, the drug formally known as speed, has led to a climb in so-called mobile meth labs in rural Pennsylvania.

From “ Scanner Addict”

2/16-8:22PM - 238 Park Ave, vehicle vandalized, eggs thrown all over car.

2/15-2:13PM - 425 South Franklin street, break in to residence.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
2/17 – 2/21
Barney Street - TFMV - stereo and a wallet.
Scott Street – Burglary - model 26 Glock 9 mm pistol.
St. Clair Street - Burglary – hand tools from shed
Chestnut Street – Theft- video games
Pershing Street – Burglary - Toshiba laptop.
Harold Terry, 21, of Carey Avenue, was taken into custody Wednesday night for allegedly using a knife to rob the Quick Mart on North Main Street.
North Main Street- Burglary- medicine  
Anthracite Street – Burglary- two air conditioners
161 Parrish St. – Burglary- handgun
50 N. Penn Ave. – Theft- Cash

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