Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just the Facts...

Cars are getting broken into at an unbelievable rate all around the city. Locked and unlocked. Day and night. Please do not leave ANYTHING in plain sight.. not anything . Druggies are desperate; they will break your window for 25 cents. Please pass this on.

There is a crime spree going on in Parsons. There have been several cars, homes and garages broken into late at night. Thousands of dollars of property and cash has been stolen. There was even a burglary of occupied home. Please… call 911 of you see anything suspicious.

Beware… lots of daytime burglaries. Reports of teens going around knocking on doors in the day pretending to be looking for someone. They then know who is home and who isn’t. PLEASE, if you see something like this happening call 911.

Remind the teens not to leave anything in their vehicles when they go to Movies 14. Lots of car break-ins and windows smashed. Just last night my neighbor took his kids to the movies and parked on the second level of the Park and Lock and when he came out his window in his van was broken and this two DVD players that were attached to the seats were ripped out.

 ARMED ROBBERY  ......Tonight at 1 a.m. the Great Escape bar on George Ave was robbed while it was open for business. A Hispanic male with facial hair came in with a gun and robbed the joint.


  1. Lets get this information out to the media! A lot of people in this community do not have access to computers, let alone Facebook.
    We need a platform. WBRE had a segment on their station called concerning the Law and you.
    Can't we approach them to do a public service segment? Many people do not subscribe to the newspapers. So... their only source of information becomes the television? This is the type of information we need to get out to the general public!

  2. Score of cars broken into in Rolling Mill Hill. These thieves are going wild! How about undercover cops in neighborhoods?

  3. When Tom McG was mayor he would flood these neighborhoods with blue. He may have been a bit bizzare at times, but things got done.

  4. How about a reward for anyone who catches these thieves breaking into cars? A bounty?

  5. Now that we have an intermodal, the cars are all concentrated in the adjacent Park-N-Lock and in the intermodal,. Saves the criminals a lot of travel.
    The Ramada has had a rash of car break-ins. The highly touted Cameras seem to draw the criminals? They want to be on TV!!! There is NO SUCH THING AS A VICTIMLESS CRIME!!!! If your privacy, your family, or property are violated, you ARE A VICTIM!!!From tire slashing, windshield busting,armed robbery,to burglary, and you should be mad as hell!!! Call the Mayor @ 821-1111,over and over and over until we have some relief!! We need either more neighborhood
    involvement, more Police, or more PROACTIVE
    neighborhood policing!! How about roving saturation patrols like in the "big" cities? Our crime stats are not conducive to anyone wanting to establish a business or residency in W-B.

  6. FYI, there are no cameras in the garages yet.

  7. I agree. a flood of blue might deter some crime.. they need to be far as the intermodal.. how can the fire alarms be pulled like 10 times on one sunday... doesnt anyone notice who is walking around there??