Saturday, October 30, 2010

Check em out

A criminal background check is the perfect way to discretely find out what you have a right to know.

You may not realize how many good reasons there are to try and find out more about the people around you. After all, whether you're talking about new neighbors, employees, caretakers for elderly family members, or even significant others, you, as a citizen, have a right to know whether the people you surround yourself with are who they say they are. This goes double in any situation that involves your children, which not only includes teachers and babysitters, but also scout masters, little league coaches and others.

 Bottom line, if you want to find out more about someone, you should perform a background check.

 To find out if anyone has a criminal record in PA. go to this site :

The Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web Application Portal


·       On gold bar.. Go to docket sheet then Magisterial Court.

·       Search Type- Participant name

·       Put in first then last name and county.

·       Hit search- scroll down and click on the little box to the left and the docket sheet will come up for each one.


Where will it end… Bath Salts
         People will do anything to get HIGH !

This particular type of Bath Salts is said to cause the same adverse side effects of highly addictive crack cocaine. It started in Europe and quickly became popular here.
Parents beware !!!
 People in Luzerne County are  now using it and getting addicted. Abusers of the herbal powder, known as 'Snow', which is legally available in some so called 'head shops’, exhibit aggressive behavior and suffer from hallucinations.
Ivory Wave is supposed to contain “Epsom Salts, Sodium Barcarbonate, Sodium Chloride, minerals, trace elements and naturally occurring amino acids“. However the actual ‘active’ constituent is more likely to be methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) according to tests performed .

  Wow… Invisible aliens at it again..

 Times Leader - W-B cops investigate car vandals

 There were 87 reports of vehicle break-ins and vandalism with 38 reports since Sunday.

This is an email sent to workers at the Stegmaier building on the boulevard:  

Please be aware of a couple of instances yesterday were vandals have taken the opportunity of unlocked cars in our parking lot. In one instance they removed a fire extinguisher and
discharged the fire extinguisher inside of the Jeep and on the outside driver's side of the Jeep and on an adjacent Ford car.  Later in the morning a car with an open window was gone through, most likely looking for valuables (fortunately nothing was stolen).
Both these vehicles were left unsecured. Its unfortunate that  crime has risen in the area but so far it has been limited to "crime of opportunity" so please protect yourself, lock the car doors and roll up the windows.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even parking meters aren’t safe!

Over the weekend..  a report from our “Eye in the sky “ camera system alerted our patrolmen that 2 guys were walking away with a parking meter on Jackson and North main street.  I believe they eventually got them.
Nice. Real nice. Grow up guys.  

******* KISS A COP ******

Times Leader  
WILKES-BARRE - Police captured a man minutes after an alleged robbery at a tanning salon on Spring Street Tuesday afternoon.
A man suspected of robbing TanFastic Sun Tan Center on Spring Street in Wilkes-Barre protests having his picture taken as City police move him to a van Tuesday afternoon around 4:45 PM. The suspect was captured near the intersection of Conygham Ave. and Kidder Street around 4:35 PM.
The man was captured at Conyngham Avenue and Kidder Street at about 4:35 p.m., about five minutes after police said he entered TanFastic Sun Tan Center, 239 Spring St.
Police said the man entered the business and gave a clerk a note demanding money. Police canvassed the area and captured him after he was spotting running near McCarthy's Flowers at Kidder and Conyngham Avenue.


From “ Scanner Addict”
10/10-12:28PM - West River street, car window smashed, GPS stolen.
10/10-1:40PM - 224 New Mallory, car broken into, items taken.
10/22-8:55PM -The Days Inn on Kidder Street, vehicle broken into, items missing.

10/22-9:19PM - 348 Mclean Street, male overdose on narcotics and RX meds.

10/24-10:39PM  -  Lehigh street, person robbed of a cell phone, wallet and cash at gunpoint.

10/25-8:45AM - 103 Coal street, window shot out with bb gun.

10/25-8:51AM - 313 North river street, car window shot out with bb gun.

10/26-6:21PM - 97 Metcalf street, house burglarized.

10/26-10:30PM - Laundry mat, 360 Kidder street, main door vandalized.

10/26-11:45PM - 259 Brown street, tires slashed on vehicle.


New computer virus… beware !!!!

A global e-mail virus spammed inboxes Thursday afternoon, slowing -- and in some cases halting -- work at offices around the world as employees watched their inboxes inexplicably fill with e-mails under the subject line "Here you have." Some workers were forced to go without e-mail altogether, as the flood of spam put their services out of commission.


Congratulations to Sherri Mc Dermott,
our Coalition Secretary.

She is the recipient of the 2010 Governors’ Award from “The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency”!

We had 4 Winners in the past 5 years.  



BE ALERT and AWARE  ( Part 2)

                                                                                                    By Caryn Arnold

Use your NOSE to scent the air for tobacco smoke, cologne, perfume, body odors, etc. Be ALERT to anything that could indicate there is someone out there whom you can't see. If you SMELL something out of the ordinary, that could indicate that someone is present; try to locate them visually.

Use your sense of HEARING to alert you to an unseen presence. The striking of a match, the flick of a cigarette lighter, the scrape of a shoe or heel on pavement, rustling in grassy areas and around shrubbery all could indicate someone is out there with you; locate them visually. AND, without intimidating them with long stares, let THEM know you have SEEN THEM. This will make you a less vulnerable target, and thugs are looking for those of us who appear to be more vulnerable. They don't want a fight; they don't want the whistle blown on them.

Also, never leave your home without your cell phone! NEVER, not even to just take your dog out into your front or back yard. If you need help, you need a way to get it. Carrying a cell phone also makes you look less vulnerable. You will also have a means of communication available in case someone else needs assistance. You don't need a permit to pack a cell phone.

There are other things you should avoid too, such as walking too closely to parked cars, especially one idling with a driver behind the wheel. Avoid walking past such a car, even on the passenger's side. Use the same good sense when approaching trees or shrubbery. Stay away from anything where someone could hide.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

This and That


From  “Scanner Addict”

10/16-3:40PM - Holy Redeemer, near South St bridge, vehicle broken into,
ipod stolen.

10/18-4:44PM - South Meade Street, 2 chickens running loose in a yard !

10/19-7:12PM - 65 Davis Street window smashed out of a vehicle.

10/19-8:42PM - 207 Bowman Street, break in to residence, items taken.

10/20-6:02PM - On 38 and 60 Monroe St, shots fired. White car, black male driver, another male in car with him with gun.

10/18-6:17PM - Parkade on South Main St vehicle broken in to.



Police search for suspect in robbery at gunpoint from Citizens Voice  
October 11, 2010

Police are searching for a man suspected of robbing three people at gunpoint Sunday night on Hazle Street.
The man is described as an older teenager, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, approximately 160 pounds, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. He was carrying a small semi-automatic handgun, police said.
The victims reported that at about 8:38 p.m., the suspect took cell phones and pepper spray from them. The suspect then fled on foot toward Stanton Street. No one was injured in the incident.


Crime Watch member does GOOD…

Sometimes we hesitate.. should we call 911 ???
 Don’t. Go with your gut feelings. If it seems suspicious to you..CALL

You know your neighborhood . You know if something is wrong.
A Crime Watch member seen someone trying to get into a house that they do not belong in.. and he called. This was the result …

  Michael Buckley, 18, of Nanticoke was arrested on two warrants at 40 N. Fulton Street at 9:33 a.m. Friday. Buckley initially gave officers a false name. During the arrest he was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. He was lodged at Luzerne County Correctional Facility and will be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and false identification to law enforcement.


And this alert citizen knew something was amiss ….

 A 17-year old male was arrested for an attempted burglary in South Wilkes-Barre. Police detectives responded to the scene after a call was received about a suspicious male carrying a black bag and knocking on doors. Detectives found the suspect near the corner of Andover and Beech streets with burglar tools in his bag. The suspect will be charged in juvenile court.


                                                                           By Caryn Arnold

If you are reading this, then you are already aware that crime is on the increase and we need people like you to be involved in helping to keep our neighbors and neighborhoods safe. But, that doesn't necessarily translate into being ALERT.
The word “AWARE” means “to be informed, to be familiar with and mindful of.” The word “ALERT” means “to be vigilant, watchful, on the lookout, on one's guard, on one's toes,” and this one I really like: “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” And, this is what my information is all about – being ALERT.

Use your SENSES to protect you, to make you aware of someone's presence. Be comfortable and relaxed but never off your guard. Don't walk outside your apartment or home and be fiddling with your keys, digging around in your handbag or otherwise occupied in a manner that prevents you from being very aware of your surroundings.

Use your EYES to glance back and forth, a panoramic view from right to left, left to right. Never turn your back on anyone. Glance over your shoulder to watch your back.
Did you know your own shadow can be your best friend? If you can see your shadow on the sidewalk in front of you, you can also see the shadow of someone coming up behind you. The same goes for seeing your own shadow on the wall of a building or some other structure. Watch your shadow; watch your back!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Rich ... NOT

My friend called me today and told me her husband received a letter in the mail and he may have won 50 thousand dollars!  
Wow, I thought … ( not to be pessimistic )   but  it sounds too good to be true !
 In this letter which was in a plain white envelope and no return address with a stamp from Canada was a real check for over 2 thousand dollars in her husband’s name.  It said he had won 50 thousand dollars from some kind of drawing at Home Depot/ Wal-Mart and the 2 thousand dollars was for taxes.

Then get this.. they wanted him to call a number but NOT TELL anyone about his winnings !                     

 Bingo. I thought.  I don’t watch much T. V.  but, I seen this  scam on Nightline.

 On the phone you will be instructed to deposit the check in your bank account then send it back to them in a money order or something like that and they will then send you the  50 thousand dollars.
But… the check will bounce and they have your money and you’ll never hear from them again !

I Googled  'NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW'  the name of the so called organization running this scam and there it was…

So please get the word out… Don’t do it .. throw it away !


 From"  Scanner Addict" ......

10/13-5:33 P.M. - 82 South Main Street at Utopia, armed robbery,knife point.
 White male 5'8, possibly late 20's early 30's, wearing jeans,
black hoodie with red pattern, hood up, black skull cap, black sunglasses, carrying a butcher knife, ran towards Movies 14.

10/12-4:19PM - 168 Midland Court car window smashed.

10/12-4:22PM - 448 South Franklin St break in, back door kicked in.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shots Fired

You’re lying in your bed… 3 or 4 a.m. you hear “POP, POP, POP”.  Oh God, you think.. Let it be fireworks and not gun shots.  You don’t want to look and you wonder if you should call 911.

Then before you know it.. here comes the light and sirens from the police cars. Good think, they are here.

The next day you talk to the neighbors and find out it was really gun shots.  Now you are upset.
Bullets could have hit a house just like they did on Stanton Street a week or two ago or worst.. hit a person..or my family sleeping in our beds.

The next night you’re trying to calm down and fall asleep and once AGAIN you hear the same sound. “POP, POP, POP”.   

This time you know what it is.  You can’t believe it is happening again.  It is.  Then before you know it.. here comes the light and sirens from the police cars again.


This is a true story told to me by a family member

and Crime Watch members that live on
 Parrish Street.

Two nights in a row, Friday and Saturday night..

 Shots were Fired.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Copper Caper

Could you image being so desperate for drug money that you would break into a house and steal copper pipes out of the basement to get $3.32 a pound for them ? (That is the current price of copper in the US.)
Could you then imagine being the homeowner coming home to this.. Pipes ripped out and the basement flooded?  Usually, the cost of repairing stripped homes runs in the thousands of dollars.
But, most important is the fact that burglars are putting lives at risk by stealing copper piping because ; ripping out pipes could cause extensive damage or injury by causing a gas leak!

Home in Minneapolis that blew up when thieves
stole copper pipes.

How oh how can this happen?
How can no one see this....  Well most of the time they are either vacant homes or homes for sale. The thieves go in and out so quickly no one notices.
But, we must be more vigilant... if you see something suspicious .. call 911.

Aluminum and Copper Theft: Stealing for Scrap Metal
“All around the country, people are stealing for scrap metal: telephone wires, air conditioner coils, and old radiators are just some of the sought-after items. Petty criminals have also resorted to stealing aluminum gutters and copper downspouts from schools and churches. And some folks have even had the aluminum siding ripped right off their houses by thieves.

While stealing for scrap metal is nothing new, the high prices have made thieves bolder and more inventive than before, as they now have over twice the financial incentive for the same amount of risk. Some drive pickup trucks while accomplices perform quick yank-and-runs with
gutters in the middle of the night. Others deliberately pose as construction workers and target abandoned or otherwise vacant homes, figuring that neighbors won’t question why guys in hardhats are messing with radiators, gutters, or siding. But the thieves aren’t just targeting residential sources of aluminum and copper; they’re breaking into warehouses and other industrial settings too for bigger booty, if you will.”


From “ Scanner Addict” :
10/5-2:25PM - 350 Scott Street, break in to vehicle, mp3 player, and RX meds stolen.

10/5-8:56PM - Male found a large bag of drugs on the river common.

10/7-2:48PM - 140 Moyallen Street, missing wallet from vehicle.


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
 from 9/27 to 10/6

38 Meyers Court- Copper pipes stolen

38 Dodson Lane- Copper pipes stolen

165 Loomis- Copper pipes stolen

208 Bowman- Copper pipes stolen

107 Logan- Copper pipes stolen

19 Hughes- Copper pipes stolen

310 Carey Ave- TFMV- GPS, Ipod , laptop, camera

347 North River – GPS

20 Weir- Car stolen- Station Wagon

675 Mayflower Crossing-  Car stolen- Audi

24 Dagobert- GPS

36 Elm – GPS

35 S. Washington- TFMV-  Ipod

Hickory and Lehigh – Car stolen- Chrysler

22 Terrace – Jewelry

168 Park Ave- Motorcycle parts

356 Station – theft- money

46 N. Meade- Tools

35 Gates - Two  Drum Stands ???

464 S. Franklin- TFMV- laptop , purse.

285  S. Franklin- DVD, laptop

166  Riverside drive-  GPS

405 Hazle St.  – Burglary

Intermodel- Smashed window on car

Park and Lock- Main – TFMV

30 W. Ross- Smashed window on car

226 Kidder – stolen motorcycle – Purple Suzuki

81 Phoenix – TFMV- wallet

                 ******KISS A COP*****

Thank you Officer Cope… 161 Carey Ave. 
 Arrest- selling tobacco to minors. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Calling 911

Calling 911 is very stressful and it's easy to
 feel overwhelmed.
911 call-takers are trained to guide callers through the experience, but knowing what to expect can help make the 911 call
 go smoothly and get emergency help where and when it's needed.

If you live in Wilkes Barre you MUST call 911 in order to
get a Police Officer to respond.

Many people are apprehensive to call because they don’t feel their call is an emergency.. so they don’t call.  If you see something that looks suspicious CALL.

Try to stay calm- Many times while you are talking your call is already being dispatched.

Know the location of the emergency and the number you are calling from.
This may be asked and answered a couple of times but don't get frustrated. Even though many 911 centers have enhanced capabilities -- meaning they are able to see your location on the computer screen -- they are still required to confirm the information. If for some reason you are disconnected, at least emergency crews will know where to go and how to call you back.

Give a good description.

It's important to try and build up a complete picture of a person from head to toe. Write down the details. Try to look at their shoes. Many times criminals will quickly change their clothes/ take shirts and hats off or on but rarely do they change their shoes.  

If a vehicle is involved, write down the registration number, color, make and model. Observe if it was damaged or rusty. Did it have any writing on it? Which way did it leave the area?
Also remember to keep a record of the time and date of your observations. These details can be very useful when giving a statement to Police and can help piece together the chain of events.

Any Cell Phone Will Do- Active or Not
Wireless carriers are required to complete 911 calls, even when the phone is not activated. Any phone that turns on and can receive a signal is capable of making a 911 call.  The problem is: if the phone you're using isn't activated, there isn't a phone number assigned to it. That means if you're disconnected from the dispatch center, you must call 911 back. They will not have a way to call you.

Anonymous calls
The simple truth is that Police do not take Anonymous calls as seriously as they do when you give your name.  Because they might need more information from you or need you to ID someone. Or it just may be a prank call.
I know it can be scary so that is why the Wilkes- Barre Crime Watch offers their members PIN numbers.  You just use your number when you call and they know who you are.