Monday, September 27, 2010

Get smashed....

             “It’s me, it’s me- It’s Ernest T.!”

What is going on ?
Windows in cars and homes and business are
 being smashed everywhere!


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from
9/19 to 9/126

Theft from motor vehicles and smashed windows:

900 Scott St- Tried to pry door opened then smashed window.  Ipod

Park and Lock Central- 2 more cars- Smashed windows- nothing in plain sight.

Lincoln Plaza – Smashed car window

283 High St.- Smashed car window

85 Wyoming St-  5 Smashed car windows !

380 Coal St- purse from car

60 Lanning Lane- Smashed car window

215 S. Washington St. - Smashed car window

146 Sambourne St.-items stolen

Other crimes:

 68 W. Chestnut – theft- purse

5 N. Sherman St- Stolen Mimi Van

63 N. Franklin- Kirby Health Center – Smashed windows

222 S. Main-Verizon- Smashed windows on cars  

R. 21 Pershing St. – Burglary- Laptop

35 S.  Franklin-  Burglary – Victim’s Reach Program

St.  Mary’s Byzantine Church- 695- S. Main- Smashed window

133 N. Franklin- Theft-  2 laptops, video games  and cash

59 Pearl St- Copper Pipes

15 Caffery- 19 mm gun

6/8 Lanning Lane – Copper pipes

247 N. Penn Ave- Burglary

9/22-5:35 - Car broken into at Holiday Inn parking lot on Kidder Street.

9/22-6:28PM - Car broken into at the parking on East Northampton Street.


Know who is living in your neighborhood..


Just put in your street address, town and state then click on colored blocks and the person’s name, picture an information will come up.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blow the Whistle on a Thug

Caryn Arnold has offered to speak at all of our Crime Watch meetings.  She has spoken at two of them already and the people have thoroughly enjoyed her wit and unique perspective concerning safety and crime prevention. Caryn is legally blind and she teaches people how to use all their senses to stay safe.

Blow the Whistle on a Thug

Now here's a thought. . . blow the whistle on a thug! No mugger or any other nefarious character wants to have the whistle blown on him, and that is precisely what you can do with a Fox 40 Referee's Whistle. These whistles have a very loud sound that travels up to a mile. Don't carry it in your purse or pocket; carry it around your neck!
Charlotte has kindly invited me to attend Crime Watch Meetings to share some information about how to keep yourself safer within your environment. Carrying one of these whistles is a first line of defense and discouragement to any would-be attacker. I'm convinced that if everyone carried one of these noise-makers all of us would be much safer. I'll be demonstrating these little wonders at the Crime Watch Meetings where I give my little spiel about safety.

I've ordered thirty of these whistles from an online website. Walmart simply doesn't carry enough of them to supply all of the high-rise residents within Charlotte's area of operation. They should arrive by the end of this week. This is rather amusing. . . I bought out all of these whistles that were available at three different Walmart stores within a 20 mile radius. I found a total of eight and passed them out at the first Crime Watch Meeting where I shared this information. So, don't go to Walmart to buy one. Funnier yet, I also ordered more of these whistles than the site had available. But, they have assured me that my order will be filled within a few days.

The cost is $6.00. I purchased the black whistle with a plastic mouth guard that will make it more comfortable to use. These  DO NOT come with the lanyards (the cloth necklace.) I looked at these lanyards and thought the attachment appeared to be pretty cheaply made, so I'm going to suggest purchasing a fairly decent neck chain at Walmart. They aren't expensive and it will be money well spent.
I will be bringing a supply of these whistles to the various Crime Watch Meetings. If you would like to purchase one, have your money ready. I will continue reordering until everyone who wants one, has one. Or, if you prefer to order directly from the company, the name of the website is: Their telephone number is 1-800-259-4733. Tell 'em Caryn sent you!  Just kidding.
Caryn Arnold

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have it and they will come....

Full House at the free seminar for rental property owners.

 We had 46 people in attendance. Many more called but had to be turned away. We are planning to have another in the near future.
Thank you Detective Chaz  Balogh.  As always .. Your presentation was enjoyable and extremely informative.
Thank you to District Attorney Jackie Carroll, Councilmen Mike Merritt and Bill Barrett for attending our Seminar.

It is a lot easier to do criminal background checks on potential tenants and get the right people in your rental than it is to try and get the bad ones out!


This is the handout that was given out to the participants at the seminar.
It is a list of web sites useful to look up criminal history …

    Sponsored by the Wilkes- Barre Crime Watch Coalition
          and the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office

Web Addresses
Ø The Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web Application Portal
Ø Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law Website
Ø Pennsylvania Access to the Criminal History
                    (PATCH) System.
PATCH Help Line toll-free at 1-888-QUERY-PA (1-888-783-7972)

When advertising a rental property

 ALWAYS include

 “Background checks required”.

 Thank you Mr. Merritt

 Thank you Mr. Barrett 

We all need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe and crime free.

I could see it all now…


Being a science fiction fan, I have seen hundreds of movies with aliens from outer space coming to earth for various reasons.  But, not one of them ever even remotely suggested that the aliens would be invisible thieves that smash windows and  break into cars; striking in the  light of day, around crowds of people and loads of cameras and not being seen at all.

What, oh what, could they be doing with our purses, IPods, stereos, CD’s and GPS systems in these far off galaxies ?

Sounds crazy?  It is the only plausible answer I can come with. How could all this be happening over and over right under our noses?  Public Square, Park and Lock Central, Wilkes and Kings parking lot, Main Street, etc. and no one sees them?
Well, here it is… If you have a better idea.. let me know.


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from
9/13 to 9/19

Theft from motor vehicles:

On Saturday afternoon 5 cars had windows smashed and items taken right on PUBLIC SQUARE!

On Sunday afternoon 3 cars had their windows smashed on the 2nd floor of the Park and Lock.  2 of them had nothing stolen. (Now they are just smashing them to look in the glove box!)

176 N. Washington- Gloves, Jacket and IPod
 3 cars - Park and Lock – S. Main - Mp3 player, IPod, Books and book bag
River and Ross- Cds and Stereo
N. Washington and North – cash
226 S. Washington- CD, Backpack and books
3 vehicles in Wilkes- Parking lot- windows smashed- IPod, stereo, shoes

Please…. if you know anyone who attends either college alert them about this.

Other crimes:
95-97 Station St.  – The house was shot up at night.  Innocent owners were unaware until morning.
207 Bowman St.- Burglary- 40 inch T.V.
R.255 Bowman St.- Two motorcycles were reported stolen.
704 N. Main St.- Burglary- Jewelry
190 Bowman St. - Burglary- T.V.
62 Sullivan St.- Burglary- Laptop and hard drive
8 Laning Lane- copper pipes
42 E. Chestnut St.- Burglary- Jewelry
38 E. Chestnut St.- Burglary- Shotgun
96 Hickory St- Burglary- video games and Laptop

*********** KISS A COP *********

155 Wood St.- Burglary –caught them in the act.

Dewey lane- Juveniles shooting paint balls at cars- caught them.

Other crimes around town:

Windows smashed in cars behind the Height/ Murray School
Car stolen from Barney St- Lady dropped it off to get fixed and put keys in slot. Wham.. Car is gone.

  Report from “Scanner Addict”:

9/20- 4:04PM Hispanic or black male, smashed a vehicle window in the 3rd level of the Intermortal parking garage, then fled the scene.
9/20-5:34-PM South Washington Street vehicle broken into.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Kudos… working together we CAN make a difference.

Way to go…

 Four juveniles were seen by several people vandalizing cars about 12:30 a.m. tonight on Lehigh St., Sherman St. and Almond Lane.  They all did the right thing and called 911 and gave good descriptions.  The police caught all of them and the residents ID them.  Thank you residents and thank you Police Officers.

*********** KISS A COP ***********


  Reports from “Scanner Addict” ……

9/15-6:20 pm
   A Hispanic male was stabbed at East Maple, and North Washington Streets, the Dan Flood Park. The suspect fled in a maroon   Volkswagen and there was a gun in the back seat of car.
 Both the victim and suspect fled the scene.

9/15-9:36 pm  - West Ross Street, vehicle burglarized and 2nd floor Parking Lot Central, vehicle broken into.

9/15-6:39 pm
 A gunshot victim in general hospital ER happened by softball field near Sherman Hills!

Report from Citizens Voice …
Wilkes-Barre police seek information on shooting that reportedly occurred Tuesday evening near the entrance to Sherman Hills Apartment Complex that resulted in a man being shot.
Police received no report of the shooting, but were notified by hospital officials when Keith Hayes, of Coal Street, arrived at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital with a gunshot wound to his wrist. The injury was not life threatening, police said.
According Hayes, he was walking on North Sherman Street, near the entrance to the apartment complex, when he saw two or three men arguing. Gunfire erupted and Hayes was shot.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Check them out before you rent

Free Seminar for rental property owners

The Wilkes- Barre Crime Watch Coalition and The Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office will be presenting a free seminar for all rental property owners interested in finding out how to do background checks on potential tenants.  This seminar will include learning how to use the Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web Application Portal and Megan’ s law web sites .
 This seminar will be held on Tuesday, September 21st from 7 to 9 at the Emergency Management Building at 185 Water Street in Wilkes – Barre.Seating is limited.

Please make reservations by calling 570-208-8900.
Refreshments will be served.

Bingo Players Beware

Reported by:  WBRE ... Eyewitness News
WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY--- Police arrest a Luzerne County man after they say he fired a gun during a fight. Just after 11 Monday night, police were called to West Chestnut Street, near Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, where neighbors reportedly heard gun shots.
Police say teens were fighting, when one of them fired a gun. Everyone then fled. A man who admitted to being the shooter, turned himself in shortly after the incident.
Police said a living room window at his home on North Washington Street was also shattered by the intended victim.

 Report from " Scanner Addict"...
My mom went to Bingo tonight at St Nick’s and when she pulled in parking lot there was glass all over. She said that she was told that earlier today around noon, a worker went into the church basement, left a laptop computer in his locked car and when he went back to his car not even 10 minutes later, window was smashed and laptop was gone! 
  9/14-12:54 p.m.-95 South Washington St, basement parking lot vehicle broke into.
  More cars broken into at King's lot on Washington and South Street and Intermodel.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kiss a Cop


Citizen’s Voice reporting …

Two burglary suspects arrested following police chase
- Staff report)
Published: September 14, 2010

Wilkes-Barre City police chased down two people Monday in South Wilkes-Barre in connection with a burglary reported by a witness.
Police arrested Andrew Harding, 23, of East Vaughn St., Kingston, and Shannon Luton, 31, of West Main Street, Plymouth.
A witness saw Harding enter 155 Wood St. while Luton attempted to kick in the rear door at about 1:40 p.m. Monday. Both suspects fled when the witness yelled.
Officers chased the suspects on foot before apprehending them.
Harding was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, possessing instruments of crime and disorderly conduct. Luton was charged with criminal conspiracy to commit burglary, possessing instruments of crime, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Tackle Box ( oh boy ! nothing is sacred)


9:40 AM - 32 Collins Street/
Copper piping reported stolen

2nd level of movies 14 Parkade
2 vehicle break- ins 8:56 p.m.

St. Nick’s parking lot
Vehicle break -in 9:15pm

325 Parish Street
Home broken into/ reported at 5 p.m.

4 cars broken into South Street
Wilkes- Parking lot / 12:45 a.m.


Email from my Aunt who works downtown….

A girl I work with was mugged on Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. coming out of Genetti's from lunch right in front of the police station by two kids on bikes. They tried to grab her purse, which was a shoulder bag, and knocked her down. But when she fell, she inadvertently took the kid on the bike down with her! So he didn't get her purse! But she is all banged up and bruised - her arm is all swollen and wrapped, and her knee is all cut and bruised.

     Reports from Clipboard at Police Station from 9/5 to 9/12

Theft from motor vehicles:

E. Northhampton – I pod

E. Market and Penn Ave.

75 Courtright St.- Stereo

117 Noble Lane- cash

1239 Scott St- purse

Park and lock 2nd floor- 4 cars

177 Dana-cash, camera, and clothing

362 Dana

Dana and Sherman- GPS, I phone charger and cash

362 S. Sherman- Tackle Box ( oh boy ! nothing is sacred)

392 S. Sherman- Satellite radio

2 cars at 154 Noble lane- DVD and stereo

574 S. Franklin- Laptop

32 and 28 Stucker Ave. - cash

1st block of South Main St. – purse

52 S. Main- GPS

242 Madison- Ipod

34 S. Main- large amount of money

St. Nicks- the Bingo

Other crimes :

Monroe St.- Robbery – Took purse

396 Park Ave.- Burglary- T.V and Video Games

200 Coal St. – Purse

222 E. Main St- Gold jewelry

20 Mayer- Burglary- Video Games

131 Wood St. – Burglary- scaled a tree, smashed window got into locked safe and took cash and computer.

Park and Lock – tried to steal Harley

75 Joseph Lane- Burglary

40 E. Market- Credit cards and Id stolen

292 Coal St.- Car stolen

165 Loomis- Copper pipes stolen

82. S. Sherman-Car stolen

1515 Scott- Burglary- Money, computer, handgun

185 Stucker- Burglary- Money and saving bonds.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just the Facts...

Cars are getting broken into at an unbelievable rate all around the city. Locked and unlocked. Day and night. Please do not leave ANYTHING in plain sight.. not anything . Druggies are desperate; they will break your window for 25 cents. Please pass this on.

There is a crime spree going on in Parsons. There have been several cars, homes and garages broken into late at night. Thousands of dollars of property and cash has been stolen. There was even a burglary of occupied home. Please… call 911 of you see anything suspicious.

Beware… lots of daytime burglaries. Reports of teens going around knocking on doors in the day pretending to be looking for someone. They then know who is home and who isn’t. PLEASE, if you see something like this happening call 911.

Remind the teens not to leave anything in their vehicles when they go to Movies 14. Lots of car break-ins and windows smashed. Just last night my neighbor took his kids to the movies and parked on the second level of the Park and Lock and when he came out his window in his van was broken and this two DVD players that were attached to the seats were ripped out.

 ARMED ROBBERY  ......Tonight at 1 a.m. the Great Escape bar on George Ave was robbed while it was open for business. A Hispanic male with facial hair came in with a gun and robbed the joint.