Saturday, January 29, 2011

Know Thy Plate !

You come out of a store
and your car is gone!

You think .. OMG !

You are in a state of confusion for a minute.
You look around .. no car.

First thing you do is call 911.

The police arrive and they ask you the make and model.

Your good .. you know that.

Then the question comes……….
Do you know your license plate ?

What ?

Chances are you don’t.

This was one of the questions I asked at all 14 Crime Watch meetings last year and
 a good number  of people did not know. 

I have to be honest, lots more men knew than women.

The faster the Police get the word
out about your stolen car
the better the chances are that they find it.

They usually put out a “Be On the Look Out “ as soon as they can.  But, if you don’t know your license plate they have to take precious time to run a “ All vehicles Owned” through 911.

                       So learn it
If your memory is bad, at least have it written
 down in your wallet or purse
that you have with you.

From “ Scanner Addict”
1/27- 9:07 P.M. - car broken into at Movies 14 parking lot.
East Northampton St. - window smashed with brick.

1/ 26 - 3:19 A.M.-  Cabbie assaulted- 4 black males with guns - Rite Aid-    picked them up at 316 Sherman Hills

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
1/ 16- 1/26
153 Waller St.- burglary-  and then stole the car. (ouch !)  

103 George Ave. - burglary- Camera and money

375 Horton St.-  Burglary- Kitchen cabinets, sink, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator ,  counter tops , light fixtures. PNC bank is victim.

1312 N. Washington St. – prescription drugs

632 Blackman St.- Carey Ave. – TFMV- purse

30 Blackman St- Copper pipes

Three Turkey Hills-  burglary- Carey Ave., and Hazel Street 2x’s

69 Old River Road- burglary

107 Lehigh St. – Purse

257 Coal St. – Copper pipes

44 Calvin St.- TFMV

41 Carey Ave. – burglary- Computer, camera, Mp4 player.

This is not crime related but, it is a crime to be sick from side effects of prescription drugs and be unaware of it.

If you or anyone you know are taking Statin Drugs for High Cholesterol
 and are suffering from leg or muscle pain
 PLEASE stop them !

Many times the damage is irreversible!
You may not link the pain with the drug.
Tell your doctor.
 There are many alternatives you can use.

Statin Drugs only lower LDL ( bad cholesterol ) not your
HDL or Triglycerides.
Check your numbers.

Alternatives are Milk Thistle which will improve liver function, Red Yeast Rice and a good garlic pill such as Garlique.

I just keep hearing horror stories from family and friends
 about the side effects.

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