Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Been quiet nights on Police Scanner ..
way too cold for even criminals.

Turkey Hills getting hit.

 The other night some goof got a taxi from his home
 and robbed a Turkey Hill !

Bad move moron.

Kiss a cop… got ya !

Then late tonight… some poor fool left their car running and went into a Day Care on
North Main Street and guess what …

 Car gone !

I see it so many times. Car running, purse and
 valuables left in car.

People actually think it won’t happen to them.

Any cop will tell you that car theft is
 usually a crime of opportunity.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s Uniform Crime Reports, a motor
vehicle is stolen in the United States every 26.4 seconds.

This is a web site that could help you locate your car

Another Overdose death.. young man 28 years old.
It is heartbreaking to the family and friends.
Many times they have tried desperately to help the addicted person.
You feel so helpless.

It is hard for anyone never addicted to understand how powerful these drugs are.
It was explained to me by a drug and alcohol councilor and I finally got it….

I take a drug called Synthroid because my thyroid wasn’t working right. Now that I am taking it , my thyroid completely shut down because it doesn’t have to work.  
I need this drug to function properly.

Well, when people start taking drugs like Heroin their body stops producing “feel good”  hormones.

 Eventually, because the brain recognizes that these pleasure hormones are being introduced into the brain rather than made by the body itself, the body stops producing its own hormones.

The addict then must shoot up heroin in order to just to feel normal.

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