Saturday, December 11, 2010

Need Cash ?

Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers

It is a volunteer organization of local citizens and business people dedicated to the reduction of crime, to the prompt solution of crimes, and to rewarding persons who provide information that leads to the arrest of criminals. Boiled down into simpler terms, Crime Stoppers is a group of concerned people who gather funds to reward individuals who provide information anonymously
to our police agencies so
that they can solve unsolved crimes.


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Take time out and look at your
credit cards…

Ø  Write down the number on the back that you
       need to call if it is stolen and put it in a safe place.

Ø  Then see if this symbol on any of your cards.. beware !

      It is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.

     RFID is a tracking system that uses intelligent
     bar codes to track items in a store.

Watch this on YouTube !

Thieves now have the capabilities to steal your credit card information without laying a hand on your wallet.

It's new technology being used in credit and debit cards, and it's already leaving nearly 140 million people at-risk for electronic pick pocketing.

From “ Scanner Addict”

12/5-11:05PM - 445 Hazel street, behind Angelo's pizza,
vehicle broken into.

12/7-5:28PM - 155 South River street, license plate stolen off vehicle.

12/7-10:33PM - 225 Horton street, vehicle broken into, CD player stolen.

12/9-3:34PM - 53 South Empire street, house broken into, pistol stolen.

12/9-7:33PM - 45 Corlear street, house broken into,
ransacked, items taken.

12/9-11:08PM - Angelo's pizza,  Hazel street, tires slashed on vehicle.

53 South Empire- Car broken into. Items taken.

General Hospital ( same day surgery lot) – Several vehicle break -ins.   Smashed windows. 

Oliver street- Gun stolen out of car.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
11/29- 12/06

63 Conwell St.- Theft- Jewelry

Genitti's Parking lot- TFMV- GPS

365 N. Main- Burglary- Clothes

Arena Bar and Grill- 380 Coal St- 3 vehicles broken into.

187 Old River Road- Robbery with gun.

113 S. Main- TFMV- wallet

136 Austin Ave. - TFMV- wallet

42 Fredrick St.- burglary- pried open basement window

355 Mc Clean St. – Robbery

59 Treathaway St – TFMV- GPS

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