Friday, December 3, 2010

Sorry, no beer here!

Twas the night after Thanksgiving, when
all through the house not a creature was
 stirring, not even a mouse.
It was 3 a.m. And I , being a grateful insomniac, was preparing to wash my kitchen floor when I looked out the window and seen a guy all dressed in black with a ski mask on trying to get into all  the cars on the street.  Wow !
  I immediately called 911 and the Officer arrived and I gave him his description.  He was nowhere to be found.. But, I thought.. what nerve.

 People are in bed and this jerk is creeping around the neighborhood trying to steal stuff people worked hard for.  My preaching must have paid off. There were no car doors opened and nothing visible in the cars to steal. My neighbor said she wrapped Christmas presents that day and she was going to put them on the back seat of her car that night but got nervous that someone might break the windows and steal them.
She was right.
While I was writing this .. 3 a.m. a call came into 911.  A guy matching the same description from the other night just broke into a car a few blocks away from me !  The owner of the car seen him and called 911.
Hope they get him tonight.


Holiday Season Tips
Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

 According to our friends at the

                National Crime Prevention Council ……

First ….Pay Attention to What You Are Doing !
 Statistics show that crime usually increases during and after the holiday season and the reason is very simple. 
More people with more cash, gifts, gift cards, etc. are “out    and about” which presents more opportunities for the criminal looking for an easy “score.”

·       Keep all receipts in a safe place.

·       If you're leaving receipts inside of your car, make sure you turn your alarm on or lock your car doors. Identity thieves will stop at nothing to get your information. Be cautious.

·       If you make a purchase with your credit card, be sure to obtain the carbons or see that they are destroyed in front of you.

·       Keep an eye on your credit card statements. If you are using numerous credit cards, be sure to keep an eye on your statements when they come in. Many times, you can go online and check your statements there as well. Either way, pay attention to everything you have spent and where.

·       Don't leave bills or credit card offers sitting in the mailbox

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
11/17- 11/29

South Penn. and Dana- Smashed car window
52 S. Main St- Park and Lock ( and pray) – Theft from motor vehicle.
123 S. Main- Smashed car window
R. 102 S. Main- Smashed car window/ Theft from motor vehicle.
 Cell phone, GPS
R. 89 Spring St- Smashed car window
1st block of S. Main- Theft from motor vehicle. I-pod, camera
29 E. Northampton St. - Theft from motor vehicle. Purse
11 Collins St- Theft from motor vehicle. Stereo
87 Academy St. -  Burglary- Purse
14 Airy- Smashed car window.
253 Stanton St.- Smashed window/ house
21 Mc Hale- Purse stolen
60 E. Fulton- Smashed car window
185 Kidder- Burglary- Jewelry- valued at 2 Thousand dollars.
40 Malory Place- Theft – Jewelry
165 N. Sherman- Inter Faith-  Smashed windows
263 S. Franklin- Theft from motor vehicle.
Genetti’s parking lot- Smashed car window
542 S. Franklin- Slashed tires
115 S. Main- Theft from motor vehicle. I-pod and cash
281 S. Sheridan- Smashed car window
N. Franklin and Maple- Theft from motor vehicle. GPS and Blackberry
20 Public square- Theft from motor vehicle. GPS
254 S. Washington St.- Theft from motor vehicle. Purse
58 N. Hancock- burglary- laptop
241 Stanton St- Burglary- Laptop
413 Blackman- Theft from motor vehicle.
276 N. Main- T.V
Market and Penn Ave- Theft from motor vehicle.GPS, I-pod
77 W. Market St- Theft from motor vehicle. Camcorder, GPS
104 Lehigh- Theft from motor vehicle. Purse
E. Market and S. Penn- Theft from motor vehicle .Purse
230 Blackman- Burglary- pried kitchen window opened-
1,500 dollars and diamond ring
266 East main- Stolen car                                         
57 N. Franklin- Theft- Alzheimer’s Association

And  ..
The big sting..
Lion Brewery- Penn Ave - several young males were seen breaking
 into the  building and carrying out  boxes..  A worker yelled and they ran
 with the boxes.  Surprise for them..
 They only got boxes filled with cups !
       Sorry, no beer here!

From “ Scanner Addict”

Melrose Ave- Attempted robbery with a gun
355 Mc clean- theft- 3 males jumped teen and took I-Pod
11/30-8:10PM - Oliver Street, car broken into, gun taken from car.
11/29-4:25PM - Window of car smashed out while driver was stopped at red light in front of Outsiders bar.

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  1. Make a list of all the Serial numbers of your "walk aways" such as TV,Nintendos,cameras, guns,rifles,stereos,Play Stations etc. If possible make a video tape of everything that you think would be a target for a thief, and store it for your insurance claim. There are invisible markers on the market that will glow under Ultra violet light to help identify your belongings. Never use your SS# to mark your property.