Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spree Vandalism

The senseless vandalism continues…

 Spree vandalism is the senseless crime of committing a large series of property damage over a short period of time, in a spree.
Car windows smashed with rocks, tires slashed, BB or pellet guns through windows in homes.
Windshields and rear windows are typically in the $300 range, with side glass around $250, and All-season tires can run $35-$80, so the bucks can add up quickly.
Why is this happening?

Just last night another alert citizen called 911 because he witnessed 2 males slashing tires in South Wilkes- Barre.  Once again like Halloween Night, our Police did a traffic job and got both of them!

Thank you all !!!!
We now hope that they are not let off easy.
They should be made to pay every sent back to the victims.

Please remain vigilant


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
 from 10/31 to 11/8

Schilds Market – George Ave.- Soda machines vandalized
Hanover and Oregon Street-  Burglary- 5 males punched , kicked and robbed victim who was on a bicycle.
281 Sheridan St.- Smashed Car Window
155 Poplar St.- Theft from a motor vehicle.
130 Regent St.- 24 Madison St.- Theft from a motor vehicle.
84 W. Ross St. - Smashed Car Window
49 N. River St. - American Legion lot- Theft from a motor vehicle. 1435.00 dollars worth of items.  Car was locked.  
Barnum and South St.-  Theft from a motor vehicle.
44 Johnson St.- Smashed Car Window
1345 N. Washington- Smashed Car Window
58 Johnson St - Smashed Car Window
34 S. Hancock St.- 4 slashed tires and windows smashed.
R. 163 S. Washington St. - Smashed Car Window
243 Kidder St. – Copper pipe stolen
520 S. Main St.- Theft from a motor vehicle , 2 catalytic converters and a rear tailgate.   
143 Moyallen St. - Theft from a motor vehicle. GPS, hand tools and MP3 player
87 Schuler St. – Burglary
641 N. Penn Ave.-  Copper pipe stolen
52 S. Main St. – Park and Lock- (and  pray) -  Smashed Car Window
R. 205 Kidder St.- Theft from a motor vehicle. GPS
521 N. Main St.- Burglary
75 Anthracite St.  – Burglary
18 E. Jackson-  Smashed Car Window
755 N. Washington St. – Burglary
259 Brown St. – Slashed tires
444 E. Northampton St. – Stole hood off of car !
356 E. Northampton St - Theft from a motor vehicle.

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  1. Now is the golden opportunity to show those who would vandalize other people's property, that there is a price to be paid for their senseless acts. It will be interesting to see which judge gets this case, and how justice will be dealt?
    I have long been an advocate of total restitution, and community service with a sign painted on the orange jumpsuit that reads "VANDAL".
    These acts are not victimless. And they are costly to repair. With many out of work or working two jobs to stay afloat, this becomes very serious to the victims.
    We will see what the judge does? Our Police did their job, and did it well. Thanks WBPD!!!