Monday, November 1, 2010

" Legal weed" ?


Who says Luzerne County is behind the times ?
 Certainly not where illegal drugs are concerned.
 As a Mater Herbalist I find this quite offensive. 
 This stuff is not herbal and it certainly is not incense.
I have been hearing about it for awhile … along with the so called “bath salts” and there it was….
On a great big sign in front of “Adult World” in Larksville…..HERBAL INCENSE .

It's sold as incense, but most people aren't lighting it for its smell. Many are smoking it to get a marijuana-like high.  But there are no regulations on it, and law enforcement has a warning for parents about what people are calling "legal weed." 

DEA analysis has shown that a combination of three synthetic chemicals, including the compound jw8-018, is what gives smokers that marijuana-like high.


Mischief night was kind of quiet ..  Kids don’t know about it until they are told.
 And thankfully there wasn’t much talk about it in the media.  
A few cars on Edison Street got spray painted.
Whatever happened to toilet paper and shaving crème ?

And tonight, Halloween night, a group of juveniles were slashing tires on vehicles owned by CEO on Amber Lane.  How sick is that. CEO who help people.
The good news is there were witnesses and they called 911!
And the best news is the Police caught them! 

             ***** KISS A COP AND THE WITNESSES *****

Ruth's Place

“ House of Hope”

P.O. Box 254 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703 Phone: 570-822-6817

Finally, a Place for Women.
Please donate money, clothes and/or toiletries.
Women are the back bone of this country.
We are strong but sometimes we need help so we and
 must support each other.

Since 2003, Ruth's Place has provided shelter and services for over 600 homeless women in the city of Wilkes-Barre.  The shelter recently moved to a new site in the North End, located off  Butler St. between Pennsylvania Ave. and Wilkes-Barre Blvd. (Rear 425 N. Pennsylvania Ave.). 
This nonprofit organization needs your help to continue giving women the assistance they need to find permanent housing.

Ruth's Place Walk-A-Thon:
Sunday, Nov. 14
Public Square, Wilkes-Barre 


  1. Time and time again, I have said that if there were harsher punishment for vandalism to vehicles, and property, it would cease to be a common occurrence!
    Move on the parents Homeowner insurance, or have the perp make restitution plus community service.
    When you consider the time lost from work, and the unnecessary cost to the vehicle owner, it is NOT a victimless crime.

  2. Thanks for the mention of Ruth's Place. The board of Directors, staff and volunteers appreciate all that our community can do for the women of Luzerne County.

    Don't forget the WALK-A-THON.

    Thanks again,

    Alice Baran, Member Board of Directors
    Ruth's Place Women's Shelter
    House of Hope

  3. It provides awareness abouut these addictions like Legal Weed. Thanks and Keep it Up