Friday, November 19, 2010

30 bags a day !

We teach our kids to NOT TALK TO STRANGERS..

But it is getting so that we as adults must think
twice before we talk to strangers also.
We should certainly not let them into our homes.

A report this week in the Times Leader:
WILKES-BARRE – Police reported the following:  Frances Gorski of St. Clair Street reported that two women stopped at her home and talked to her as if they knew her. Police said the two were able to enter the home and remove approximately $2,700 from an upstairs lock box Monday afternoon.

Sure we would all like to be helpful…
             but we must be cautious.

Look at what happened to the good Samarians who stopped to help people who supposedly had car problems on the interstate.
 They were robbed.

The drug problem is out of control.. and the addicts are desperate.
Just look at the fellow that robbed 2 local businesses last month.


Ten Dollar bags

  Please … do not keep your valuable or sentimental
                                    jewelry in your jewelry box !

    That is one of the first places a thief will look.

Hide valuable jewelry, money or other expensive items in unlikely locations or it can end up here !

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
11/08- 11/14

Park and Lock-  Theft from motor vehicle – cell phone
Park and Lock-  Theft from motor vehicle – cash
18 S. Main- Theft from motor vehicle – purse
Park and Lock- Smashed window
Madison St.- Shots fired into porch
200 block of S. Grant-  Theft from motor vehicle –gun
159 S. Penn Ave.- Theft from motor vehicle –wallet
S.Main and South- Theft from motor vehicle –Ipod
295 N. Washington- Theft from motor vehicle –GPS and laptop
243 Kidder – copper pipes
360 E. South- Theft from motor vehicle –GPS
309 Parrish- windows in home smashed
32 Sullivan- copper pipes
224 Noble Lane- Burglary- jewelry and purse
Jackson St.- Smashed window on car
West River – robbery- 4 males with guns
166 Brader Drive- Theft from motor vehicle
401 Coal - Theft from motor vehicle- purse
430 New Grove- - window in home smashed
39 Oregon st.- Burglary- 400.00 dollars
Holy Redeemer school- Many cars broken into
7 West Ross- Theft from motor vehicle-Ipod and sun glasses
R. 122 S. Main- Theft from motor vehicle
Sherman Hills High rise- several car windows shot out.

From “ Scanner Addict”

11/18-2:42PM - Franklin Street, by St Stephens church, purse snatching.

11/16-2:19PM - 48 Academy street, break in to residence

11/13-9:37PM - 143 Madison street, they heard shots fired, went outside and seen bullet holes in siding of house.

11/13-9:11PM - Parking lot central off of South Main street, vehicle broken into.

11/12-8:18PM - Movies 14 parking garage, windows smashed out of 6 cars


  1. Heroin addicts are literally out of their mind. They will do anything for their next fix and nothing is too small to steal, even if the monetary reward is little.

    For this reason, I have even stopped wearing jewelry when I'm out and about, even during the day. I save the watch, necklace, bracelet and earrings for those times when I'm going out somewhere away from home.

    I love wearing jewelry, so I wear it around my apartment and take it off before taking my pup outside for a walk! No sense in giving some thug the opportunity to check out my gems during the day and rob me by night!

  2. Do what my family did and invest in a personal safe for the home. For the 200.00 investment, it's well worth it to stash valuables, important papers and yes, sadly even prescription drugs. Just remember to secure it properly to the floor so no one takes the whole safe.