Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Rich ... NOT

My friend called me today and told me her husband received a letter in the mail and he may have won 50 thousand dollars!  
Wow, I thought … ( not to be pessimistic )   but  it sounds too good to be true !
 In this letter which was in a plain white envelope and no return address with a stamp from Canada was a real check for over 2 thousand dollars in her husband’s name.  It said he had won 50 thousand dollars from some kind of drawing at Home Depot/ Wal-Mart and the 2 thousand dollars was for taxes.

Then get this.. they wanted him to call a number but NOT TELL anyone about his winnings !                     

 Bingo. I thought.  I don’t watch much T. V.  but, I seen this  scam on Nightline.

 On the phone you will be instructed to deposit the check in your bank account then send it back to them in a money order or something like that and they will then send you the  50 thousand dollars.
But… the check will bounce and they have your money and you’ll never hear from them again !

I Googled  'NORTH AMERICA CONSUMER PROMOTION DRAW'  the name of the so called organization running this scam and there it was…

So please get the word out… Don’t do it .. throw it away !


 From"  Scanner Addict" ......

10/13-5:33 P.M. - 82 South Main Street at Utopia, armed robbery,knife point.
 White male 5'8, possibly late 20's early 30's, wearing jeans,
black hoodie with red pattern, hood up, black skull cap, black sunglasses, carrying a butcher knife, ran towards Movies 14.

10/12-4:19PM - 168 Midland Court car window smashed.

10/12-4:22PM - 448 South Franklin St break in, back door kicked in.

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  1. I've read about similar scams where you are supposed to deposit a check into your account and then mail a specified portion of the money back to the sweepstakes, whether by a check from your account or by money order. Then, you never hear from them again.

    It used to be that scams were pretty innocuous, oftentimes even a bit funny, like the advertisement for a full length mink coat at $99.99 and what you recieved was a Barbie Doll sized full length mink coat.

    Then, there was the solar clothesdrier. I forgot how much that cost but you received a clothesline and clothespins. My great aunt fell for a lot of these scams and we thought it pretty funny. Nothing humorous about today's scams.