Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even parking meters aren’t safe!

Over the weekend..  a report from our “Eye in the sky “ camera system alerted our patrolmen that 2 guys were walking away with a parking meter on Jackson and North main street.  I believe they eventually got them.
Nice. Real nice. Grow up guys.  

******* KISS A COP ******

Times Leader  
WILKES-BARRE - Police captured a man minutes after an alleged robbery at a tanning salon on Spring Street Tuesday afternoon.
A man suspected of robbing TanFastic Sun Tan Center on Spring Street in Wilkes-Barre protests having his picture taken as City police move him to a van Tuesday afternoon around 4:45 PM. The suspect was captured near the intersection of Conygham Ave. and Kidder Street around 4:35 PM.
The man was captured at Conyngham Avenue and Kidder Street at about 4:35 p.m., about five minutes after police said he entered TanFastic Sun Tan Center, 239 Spring St.
Police said the man entered the business and gave a clerk a note demanding money. Police canvassed the area and captured him after he was spotting running near McCarthy's Flowers at Kidder and Conyngham Avenue.


From “ Scanner Addict”
10/10-12:28PM - West River street, car window smashed, GPS stolen.
10/10-1:40PM - 224 New Mallory, car broken into, items taken.
10/22-8:55PM -The Days Inn on Kidder Street, vehicle broken into, items missing.

10/22-9:19PM - 348 Mclean Street, male overdose on narcotics and RX meds.

10/24-10:39PM  -  Lehigh street, person robbed of a cell phone, wallet and cash at gunpoint.

10/25-8:45AM - 103 Coal street, window shot out with bb gun.

10/25-8:51AM - 313 North river street, car window shot out with bb gun.

10/26-6:21PM - 97 Metcalf street, house burglarized.

10/26-10:30PM - Laundry mat, 360 Kidder street, main door vandalized.

10/26-11:45PM - 259 Brown street, tires slashed on vehicle.


New computer virus… beware !!!!

A global e-mail virus spammed inboxes Thursday afternoon, slowing -- and in some cases halting -- work at offices around the world as employees watched their inboxes inexplicably fill with e-mails under the subject line "Here you have." Some workers were forced to go without e-mail altogether, as the flood of spam put their services out of commission.


Congratulations to Sherri Mc Dermott,
our Coalition Secretary.

She is the recipient of the 2010 Governors’ Award from “The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency”!

We had 4 Winners in the past 5 years.  



BE ALERT and AWARE  ( Part 2)

                                                                                                    By Caryn Arnold

Use your NOSE to scent the air for tobacco smoke, cologne, perfume, body odors, etc. Be ALERT to anything that could indicate there is someone out there whom you can't see. If you SMELL something out of the ordinary, that could indicate that someone is present; try to locate them visually.

Use your sense of HEARING to alert you to an unseen presence. The striking of a match, the flick of a cigarette lighter, the scrape of a shoe or heel on pavement, rustling in grassy areas and around shrubbery all could indicate someone is out there with you; locate them visually. AND, without intimidating them with long stares, let THEM know you have SEEN THEM. This will make you a less vulnerable target, and thugs are looking for those of us who appear to be more vulnerable. They don't want a fight; they don't want the whistle blown on them.

Also, never leave your home without your cell phone! NEVER, not even to just take your dog out into your front or back yard. If you need help, you need a way to get it. Carrying a cell phone also makes you look less vulnerable. You will also have a means of communication available in case someone else needs assistance. You don't need a permit to pack a cell phone.

There are other things you should avoid too, such as walking too closely to parked cars, especially one idling with a driver behind the wheel. Avoid walking past such a car, even on the passenger's side. Use the same good sense when approaching trees or shrubbery. Stay away from anything where someone could hide.


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  1. If you have an accident, or other commotion near your home, and you go outside to "see", be sure to lock your door behind you! While you are "rubber necking" the incident, someone could be making out with the contents of your home!! Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. You give them the opportunity, they will provide the crime! Stay alert always.....