Friday, October 8, 2010

Copper Caper

Could you image being so desperate for drug money that you would break into a house and steal copper pipes out of the basement to get $3.32 a pound for them ? (That is the current price of copper in the US.)
Could you then imagine being the homeowner coming home to this.. Pipes ripped out and the basement flooded?  Usually, the cost of repairing stripped homes runs in the thousands of dollars.
But, most important is the fact that burglars are putting lives at risk by stealing copper piping because ; ripping out pipes could cause extensive damage or injury by causing a gas leak!

Home in Minneapolis that blew up when thieves
stole copper pipes.

How oh how can this happen?
How can no one see this....  Well most of the time they are either vacant homes or homes for sale. The thieves go in and out so quickly no one notices.
But, we must be more vigilant... if you see something suspicious .. call 911.

Aluminum and Copper Theft: Stealing for Scrap Metal
“All around the country, people are stealing for scrap metal: telephone wires, air conditioner coils, and old radiators are just some of the sought-after items. Petty criminals have also resorted to stealing aluminum gutters and copper downspouts from schools and churches. And some folks have even had the aluminum siding ripped right off their houses by thieves.

While stealing for scrap metal is nothing new, the high prices have made thieves bolder and more inventive than before, as they now have over twice the financial incentive for the same amount of risk. Some drive pickup trucks while accomplices perform quick yank-and-runs with
gutters in the middle of the night. Others deliberately pose as construction workers and target abandoned or otherwise vacant homes, figuring that neighbors won’t question why guys in hardhats are messing with radiators, gutters, or siding. But the thieves aren’t just targeting residential sources of aluminum and copper; they’re breaking into warehouses and other industrial settings too for bigger booty, if you will.”


From “ Scanner Addict” :
10/5-2:25PM - 350 Scott Street, break in to vehicle, mp3 player, and RX meds stolen.

10/5-8:56PM - Male found a large bag of drugs on the river common.

10/7-2:48PM - 140 Moyallen Street, missing wallet from vehicle.


Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
 from 9/27 to 10/6

38 Meyers Court- Copper pipes stolen

38 Dodson Lane- Copper pipes stolen

165 Loomis- Copper pipes stolen

208 Bowman- Copper pipes stolen

107 Logan- Copper pipes stolen

19 Hughes- Copper pipes stolen

310 Carey Ave- TFMV- GPS, Ipod , laptop, camera

347 North River – GPS

20 Weir- Car stolen- Station Wagon

675 Mayflower Crossing-  Car stolen- Audi

24 Dagobert- GPS

36 Elm – GPS

35 S. Washington- TFMV-  Ipod

Hickory and Lehigh – Car stolen- Chrysler

22 Terrace – Jewelry

168 Park Ave- Motorcycle parts

356 Station – theft- money

46 N. Meade- Tools

35 Gates - Two  Drum Stands ???

464 S. Franklin- TFMV- laptop , purse.

285  S. Franklin- DVD, laptop

166  Riverside drive-  GPS

405 Hazle St.  – Burglary

Intermodel- Smashed window on car

Park and Lock- Main – TFMV

30 W. Ross- Smashed window on car

226 Kidder – stolen motorcycle – Purple Suzuki

81 Phoenix – TFMV- wallet

                 ******KISS A COP*****

Thank you Officer Cope… 161 Carey Ave. 
 Arrest- selling tobacco to minors. 

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