Sunday, February 20, 2011

They wait like Vultures…

Two stories, none good…
At 17 years of age I got caught drinking… ( in Brookside)..
Bunch of friends, few beers in the woods.

Cops came, put us all in a patty wagon, took us to the station,
Took our names, called our parents and we went home.

Few days later, we all got a fine in the mail.  Mine was 117.00 dollars.
I paid it and that was that.

That was then…..


This is now….

My niece… good kid.. much better than I was at 17.
Cheerleader type.. good grades .. never in trouble.
She was caught drinking with friends at age 17.

She was put away for THREE Months by
our illustrious Judge Ciavarella  !

She was in 12th grade..  She came home… a mess.. and quit school because of embarrassment and depression.

She eventually got her GED and when on to college… but what a travesty for her and all the other 
Ciavarella’s  Victims .

And Victims they are.

I couldn’t even watch it .. it makes me sick.  
When the adults that commit crimes
over and over get Home confinement!

They wait like Vultures

True story.  

We were out doing our regular nightly patrols around our neighborhood and seen a young girl that we did not know standing on the corner by our house very late at night.

She was texting someone.
  We past her and she looked upset.

We past again and asked her if she needed help or anything. She said very nervously  “NO”.

Next thing we know, she was gone.
She ran somewhere.

We circled around for quite awhile and never found her.
Next day we found out that our neighbors house who had recently passed away was burglarized !

She was standing right next to it !
Texting her boyfriend inside the house !

  Boy, we were dumb.

We quickly learned and try to pass it on to neighbors to watch  the vacant homes of recently deceased people.

The thieves watch the obituaries, so please be aware.

The last thing you need to have during a funeral is a burglary.

By the way… this girl was caught burglarizing two local establishments and now is in jail.

This goes for a wedding or any other
 event publicized in the paper.

Read Web site…Snopes..


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  1. Speaking of funerals. While on cemetery grounds, if you leave your car, either take your purse with you, OR lock it in the trunk. Never leave your car unlocked, with your purse or other things of value in plain sight.