Monday, February 28, 2011

pushing a cart ?

we need this sign 
on Coal Street !

The Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch Coalition will be sponsoring
"Operation Identification"
in March

Crime Prevention Officer, Phil Meyers, will be presenting the program "Operation Identification” at all Crime Watch meetings throughout the city in March.  Operation Identification is a program designed to discourage theft and recover stolen property in your neighborhood by identifying, marking, and listing your valuable items or property.

This effort acts as a direct deterrent to theft because stolen items bearing etched identification numbers are more difficult to sell, easily recoverable and can be linked with specific burglaries, making prosecution more likely.

Residents bringing their smaller items to the meetings such as tools, electronic games, cameras, etc. will be etched for identification purposes.   

For more information on times and dates of meetings visit our web site www.wbcrimewatch .org
 Or call 208-8900.

Kiss a cop and an alert resident

Once again…the good guy wins.

A resident from Rolling Mill Hills called 911 because they seen something they felt was suspicious… 
And they were right.

Two guys going into an empty building with tools.. on a sunny afternoon.

Yep.. Stealing copper and metal they were..

From the Times Leader…

WILKES-BARRE – City police reported the following incidents:
• Police charged Paul David Roper, of 164 Nicholson St., with receiving stolen property Friday.
Police responding to a report of two males entering Great Northern Press, 181 Gilligan St., at 1:29 p.m. found Roper in a wooded area adjacent to the building pushing a cart and in possession of pipe fittings, police said. Roper admitted to entering the property but said he thought the pipe fittings were abandoned, police said.

From “ Scanner Addict”
2/26-9:52PM - 13 Aries street, front window of house smashed out.

5:15 Saturday afternoon.. reports of two people shot at .
Entrance of Coal Street Park.

2/25-8:28PM - South Hancock and South St, 15 year old male was victim of an armed robbery, suspects are 2 black males, they jumped him and got away with money.

2/25-4:24PM - 1353 North Washington street, window smashed out of residence.

20 Brookside St- Vandalism

2/25- car broken into- general hospital parking lot

 316 East Northampton St. – car stolen

 10:30PM George Ave. – manager’s car broken into-  smashed window


  1. Thank you for the update, it was long overdue! Makes for a good dinner/evening read. I'm glad to see that there are others in the city who are genuinely concerned with the ridiculous amount of crime and who watch over it as I do. Thank you for the great work, please keep it up!

    Scanner Addict always seems to have the inside scoop! I'm beginning to wonder if Scanner Addict is a Super Hero...hmmmmm?

    Concerned Citizen

  2. recent updates, I'm beginning to wonder if Wilkes Barre's very own superhero got washed away by the flooding.

    Good to see the announcement on the mayoral candidacy! Congratulations and good luck. Maybe there will be a place in your cabinet for the Scanner Addict? That is, assuming she wasn't flushed down the Susquehanna!

    Concerned and Optimistic Citizen