Saturday, May 21, 2011

And the living is easy...

Updating status with a line saying “I am out for a vacation” or “I won’t be home till next week” can lead you getting robbed.
 These days’ burglars search the social networking site to see who is out-of-town and prone to robbery. Police busted a bunch of burglars and they said they used Facebook as a tool to gather intelligence on who is home and who is not home. One should always be extra careful while using such social networking sites.

Screens are only made to keep bugs out…Not burglars! Close and lock all basement and first floor windows when you are sleeping and are not at home.

If you're out working in your garden these spring days, make sure you keep your doors locked. Carry a key with you and lock your front door and your back door. Some criminals specialize in stealing from homes when people are outside doing yard work.

Always secure windows and doors in the basement. It can be easy to forget about this area of the house during the summer months when we're running in and out doing chores.

Suspects, posing as legitimate workers, approach elderly homeowners at their residence with the intent of gaining entry under a seemingly legitimate role: local gas company, water department, cable company, tree trimmers, pavers, County inspectors, or government officials. One suspect will distract the homeowner while a second suspect will enter the home and search inside for valuables and cash.

Because I have been busy, we have not been patrolling at night very much. But we Are back!!!!!!
 Sometimes we wonder if two old ladies in a car make a difference. Well, It must.
 The past two months, while we were busy doing other things, there was a rash of crime in our area. Tires slashed, cars stolen and broken into and homes burglarized.

Just tonight, we followed the kids that are the suspected tire slashers all around. They went home. They will get to know us VERY good.

We checked out a suspected drug house and watched them smoking CRACK!

And we seen two drug deals at our local Convenient Mart.
All information will forwarded to the proper authorities.  

I had to laugh because on that stupid “ I can say anything I want because I don’t have to put down my real name” Comment thingy on in the Times Leader Online section people...
 ( cowards) are making fun of us because we do what we do.
 To them… Bite Me !

Scanner Addict
5/19 2:30 AM Shots fired /two jeeps.. 105 Prospect Street
5/15-9:46PM - 98 Sambourne street, window smashed out of vehicle.
5/7 - 11:08PM - 131 Grove street, vandalism to a vehicle.

5/7-1:59PM - 37 Ralph St, license plate stolen off vehicle

Just now… A guy just went to a stranger’s door,  all beat up… he was jumped by a bunch of males with baseball bats on Murray Street

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  1. What doe it take to motivate people to be alert for suspicious activity? Do have to wait to be robbed,assaulted, or burglarized?
    OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Be your neighbors keeper. Get involved.In my area WBPD has a reasonable response time, BUT, if you are being beaten, or raped, seconds count! An observant neighbor might save you from a lot of pain, and suffering.
    Join Crime Watch and learn how to defend yourself against "The Element".....