Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rule of Thumb

Pay your drug heroin supplier or else!

One of our local drug dealers in Parsons must have
failed to pay and guess what ???

Home invasion with a gun.   These guys don’t fool around.

Neighbors were horrified.

For the past 2 years we have been reporting this fine
fellow to the local authorities to no avail.

Happy Easter..

12:30 Sunday morning, several reports of shots fired
 around Prospect Street. A white Cadillac involved
Casings were found.  

And in the meantime…the usual drunkin fights continue downtown!
God bless our Police.


Then .. I get calls... lots of calls.. day and night.

Around 10:30 on a Friday night I got this call from neighbors that they found a cell phone . O.K.

Then they told me there were some real weird pictures on the phone and they wanted it out of their house because there might be a GPS on it and they wanted me to take it.
I did and wow.. pictures of thousand dollars on the phone along with pictures of people and their cars.

I did not want to wait until morning so I took it to the proper authority’s right then.

I just could not believe it…  why would anyone take pictures
of all that money !
I was told it was drug money and they like to show it off.

 Surprise to them if they had a GPS because I am sure
 they did not like where it landed up… more to follow on this.

Then.. you all remember James Michael Hughes ?

Mister six months home confinement man I went nuts over in February.

Well the saga continues

In the Beginning …

All “Times Leader” reports

February 19, 2010
WILKES-BARRE – A man who said that two men stabbed him allegedly used another person’s identity at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, police said.  James Michael Hughes, 21, last known address as State Street, Nanticoke, was arraigned Thursday on charges of identity theft and providing false identification to law enforcement. He was jailed at the county prison for lack of $10,000 bail.
According to the criminal complaint:  Hughes arrived at the hospital on Jan. 24 saying he was stabbed by two men on Hazle Avenue, Wilkes-Barre. Hughes identified himself at the hospital as 25-year-old Thomas Segeda.
Police said in the criminal complaint that Hughes provided vague information about the stabbing and identified himself to officers as Segeda.  Published reports of the stabbing prompted a response from Thomas Segeda, who contacted police on Jan. 25. He told police that his wallet with his driver’s license was either lost or stolen, and he had received phone calls from friends about the stabbing.

February 8, 2011
WILKES-BARRE – A man charged with assaulting a paramedic and police officer in October 2009 was sentenced Monday to two years in the county’s Intermediate Punishment Program. James Michael Hughes, 22, with a last known address of State Street, Wilkes-Barre, was sentenced on charges of simple assault, public drunkenness and harassment, as well as an unrelated charge of possession of a controlled substance by Luzerne County Senior Judge Joseph Augello.
Augello said Hughes will serve the first six months on house arrest followed by one-year probation. Hughes must serve his sentence consecutively to another house arrest sentence he received last year on unrelated possession with intent to deliver and theft by unlawful taking charges.
O.K. ..Now this

April 14, 2011
HANOVER TWP. – A woman at the bar apparently had no interest in the man from Nanticoke -- but police did.
James Michael Hughes told township police he was with a woman at Mugs and Jugs Bar on Oxford Street early Wednesday morning, according to the criminal complaint, when the woman left and did not return. Hughes, 22, of East State Street, said he walked to an apartment complex looking for friends and a place to stay early Wednesday morning.
Township police encountered Hughes while investigating a report of a suspicious man banging on doors at Marion Terrace Apartments on Mark Drive around 2:30 a.m.
According to the latest criminal complaint: Police said the banging led to the capture of fugitive Hughes, who was wanted by the Luzerne County sheriffs and adult probation departments for missing a court hearing and violating probation.
After his capture, police said, Hughes used another name to hide his true identity. (Surprise, surprise!)
He was allegedly found in possession of a pill that he did not have a prescription for.
Hughes was arraigned in Wilkes-Barre Central Court on charges of giving false identification to law enforcement, disorderly conduct and possession of a controlled substance. He was jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $10,000 bail.
According to court records, Hughes was sentenced Feb. 7 to 36 months probation with the first six months on house arrest on charges of simple assault and possession of a controlled substance. Those charges involved allegations that Hughes assaulted two township police officers and a paramedic on Oct. 23, 2009, and was in possession of heroin during a traffic stop in Wilkes-Barre on May 7, 2010.
In an unrelated case, Hughes was wanted by the county Sheriff’s Department on a warrant accusing him of skipping a preliminary hearing on March 29 on felony assault charges, according to arrest and court records. A preliminary hearing is scheduled on April 19 before District Judge Joseph Halesey in Hanover Township.

Then last week I get a call…
From a Senior Crime Watch member on Dana Street.
 She told me she did not know what to do. She was having a hard time because her car and a few other cars on the street were hit and totaled at 4 o’clock in the morning by some guy who stole a car.
Her insurance company was giving her a hard time. She wanted to know what to do.
You’ll never, never guess who it was driving the stolen car ….
Go ahead Guess…
Mr. James Michael Hughes !
Unbelievable !  She will never get her money from him.

We just called the County Prison right now and he is in there!   
I hope they keep him there for a long time !!!!!

Moral of the story..
 Election is coming up..5 or 6 Judges Seats are up for election.
Please study them! We need tough Judges. Ask a Police Officer. They know who are good choices.

Remember this…

Victims NEVER get a second chance!

Why should criminals!


  1. Constance L. RingApril 26, 2011 at 9:04 AM

    All of the concerned citizens in this city should be aware of the valuable information here. If W-B is ever going to make any kind of recovery your dedication is what will provide the turning point.
    The city is sinking so we must unite and work together. I just hope and pray you, Charlotte will be in charge this time.

  2. Interesting read as always. Lacking the update from Scanner Addict though? Is the super hero on vacation? I guess I'll have to get my own scanner....hmmmm.

    Concerned Citizen