Sunday, March 27, 2011

The nutmeg trip

Sorry I haven’t written for a while…

Busy with the pesky little job of running for mayor.
                 Check out my website….
(what a pain in the butt making that was)
Why do you youngen’s what to escape reality?
I got news from them, being young is the best time of your life !
Months ago I wrote about “Bath Salts” and “ Herbal Incense “ being here.
But, hey, I am just the local crime watch Schmuck.
 What do I know.

Here’s some more crazy stuff that people
( mostly teens) are using to get High…

·       Nutmeg


·       AXE Body Spray

·       Keyboard duster

·       Huffing the gas out of a whip cream can

Check out this web site... 

“Parents who assiduously monitor their kids’ activities and make every effort to educate them about the perils of drug abuse may be overlooking common household items which can be used alone or in combination to make homemade drugs and get high. If you describe a drug as anything that can get you high, virtually every house in America is loaded with potential drugs.”

From “ Scanner Addict”
]3/19-10:56PM - 157 Mill street, dirtbike stolen from shed.

3/26-9:50PM - Stabbing victim walked into General hospital ER.

3/26-11:39  - Movies 14 parkade, car window smashed out.

3/26-3:43PM - 15 Hickory street, vandalism to vehicles.

3/25-11:04PM - 182 Carey Ave, a rock thrown threw a vehicle window.

3/16-12:31AM - 212 Wyoming street, male breaking into residence, through window.

3/15-9:17PM - 29 North Hancock St, possible home invasion, suspect broke into house.
3/15-8:10PM - Strong armed robbery, Old river road, black male, 5'9, light color jacket, mask on, had handgun.

3/14-8:53PM - Peters deli on Blackman street, robbed, male with full face mask on, got away with unknown amount of money.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
3/12– 3/25
295 Scott St- theft- purse
190 E. Main St- TFMV- Cash
189 Mayock St.- TFMV- Camera, cash
323 New grant- TFMV- GPS, cell phone
119 Wood St. –Burglary- Computer, Keyboard
86 Carlisle St.- theft- fence
288 Kidder St.-TFMV- Tow cover
486 S. Grant- windows smashed on car
22 Brookside St.- Burglary- computer, cash
40 w. East Northampton St. – Theft- 400.00 dollars
60 Carey Ave.- TV and video games

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