Monday, July 25, 2011

We have to do something.

Gangs 101
The Gang’s #1 concern is making money by selling illegal drugs.
Gangs are here. ( Ask any police officer or correction officer)
Gang members from larger cities come to our area to recruit our residents.
They usually go after young teen boys.  
Teenagers feel powerful, rich and respected at a young age. They think they are going to become a rich and famous gang member.
They then become addicted and sell to others in the community who then become addicted.
The addicts then need hundreds of dollars a week to maintain their drug addiction.

How do they get it?  
Crime……. Burglaries, robberies, etc.  
And besides this Gang Wars begin .. the fight for territory.
Drive-by- shooting and fights.

We need to crack down hard on landlords who continually rent to “problem tenants”.
 NOW !
And if they don’t comply.. they should lose their license to rent. Period.
I have sent this to our City Council and Administration several times.

We have to do something !
But.. hey, what do I know.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
7/21– 7/24
Budget Car Rental at 391 Kidder St. - steering column was damaged on a 2011 GMC vehicle.
1193 Scott St.- burglary-   bicycle and jewelry stolen from her residence.
Orchard Street  - theft-  TFMV- sunglasses, clothing, an iPod, ear buds and a backpack
125 N. Sherman St. – Burglary- portable gaming system, an iPod and iPad
2009 Hyundai Elantra with Pennsylvania license EJL-4514 was stolen from the downtown.
108 Lehigh St. - shots were fired at her residence around 12:20 a.m. Sunday, breaking the glass in front door.
136 Spring St.-  burglary- A stereo and computer items
Pershing Street - someone threw a bottle at a window, cracking it.
South Hancock Street-  a brick was thrown through a window at her home.
Laurel Street- burglary-  TV and computer.
Darling Street – Theft- money
Bradford Street – Theft -  GPS system
McCarragher Street, TFMV- stole CDs and miscellaneous cards.
Carey Avenue- TFMV- laptop computer and portable DVD player
East Linden Street - Pedro Rivera, of Bronx, N.Y., was charged with two counts relating to the possession of a firearm and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.
Scott Street – Burglary -  strong box
North Empire Court  - Burglary- video game system, computer and four video games.
Sherman Hills apartments-  Three masked men, one carrying a gun, forced their way into a Sherman Hills apartment early Sunday morning.

George Ave.- robbery- 2:49 p.m. -One man assaulted victim and held him at knifepoint while the other took his necklace, watch, cell phone and hat.

71 S. Franklin St.- robbery-  TFMV- smashed window- Purse
A taxi driver was pistol-whipped during a robbery that occurred on Cherry Street.


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

True story.. my aunt left her purse on her table in front of a window and went to bed…
Wrong move !  The window was broken and purse was gone before she got down the steps !
Ladies… please don’t leave your purse on a table or counter where someone could see it from outside.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.     
And leave nothing in plain sight in your car…nothing. Not even and empty box of cigarettes, an empty bag, nothing.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile. My Mom passed away.
Horrible experience.
What makes it worse is that there was no preparation for it.
 What were we thinking ? Immortality does not run in our family.
So please, I know it is hard to talk about… but get your parents and yourself a Will. 
And let others know where it is and what your wishes are.

I’ll say this one more time!!! While we all care about you, PLEASE do not announce your vacation on Facebook.
 I see it over and over.
We care.. but we can wait to see those pictures when you get home. You really don’t know who is using your friend’s computer and could look their friends up on Facebook.

Drug addicts are desperate for cash.
It has been a heck of a few months for our Police…lots of burglaries. But many have been caught  and some with the help of citizens. Kudos guys.
How about this one…

And he said…” He told police that he doesn't "do drugs," but broke into the homes to get some money to go away because he got into a fight with his wife.”
Yea.. O.K. and I am anorexic!
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

Good Advice from Crime Watch Member…..It's a very good idea to keep the key tag from a store card on your key ring with your keys. My brother found a set of keys up at the Hill climb today and the keys had a Price chopper key tag on the ring. I took the keys to Price Chopper customer service desk and they told me they will call the main office tomorrow, get the information and return the keys to the owner.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
6/27– 7/10
Hazel beer and deli- Robbery- caught with the help of Sugar Notch Police.
68 Wilkes lane- Burglary- gun and other articles.
133 North Main- Senuna’s Bar- burglary
246 N. Wash.- Burglary- T.V.- video games.
35 N. Welles- rock through window.
Hardware Bar- Fights, drunks and window broken and man urinating.
Parking lot central- man caught breaking into cars.
Murray complex- 2 men caught stealing copper.
33 Covell St.- electrical wire stolen.    
Wyoming St.- Home invasion- burglary and victim beat with gun.
119 Grove St.- Burglary- Jewelry
353 S. River- rock through window.
521 Madison St.- Burglary – Jewelry
299 S. Main St. - Coach Purse stolen out of open car. Ouch !

267 Wyoming St.- Burglary- took lots of valuable stuff. Man was seen leaving house with a suitcase. Neighbors called PD.  Noon time.
526 S. River- Copper Pipes
63 Willow St.  rock through window.
333 Blackman St. – theft- Video’s
21 Huber St. – Burglary- Video games
183 Grant St.- Electrical wire.
193 Loomis St.- Burglary – T.V.
Drug addicts are desperate for cash.

From “ Scanner Addict”

7/10-12:05AM - 35 North Welles Street apt 2, rock thrown through window.
7/9-11:22PM - 32 Essex Lane, rock thrown through window of residence.

7/5-4:06PM - 240 New Elizabeth Street, theft of money and bicycle.

7/3-11:36PM - 164 Scott street, resident came home and house was burglarized, cash stolen, things flipped over.

6/24-11:34PM - 263 Mayock street, house broke into, items stolen.

6/23-5:55PM - 464 South Franklin Street, residence broke into medication stolen.

6/6 - 12:09AM - 30 year old female, hallucinating, on bath salts, scrubbing herself with Pine Sol.

Just a little note from your Crime Fighting Master Herbalist….

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of illness in the United States. Allergic reactions are initiated by the immune system’s over- response to substances it deems as distinct from itself.

If you suffer from allergies…  try NETTLES. It is a natural, safe antihistamine.
It comes in pill and tea form. You have to take 2 or 3 pills a day for about a week for it to work. The tea is good also. It can be mixed with juice for kids. Make a big batch of tea and keep it in your refrigerator and drink two or three cups a day.

Nettles are also filled with iron, potassium and lots of other good stuff.
Don’t kill you liver drugs you don’t need.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Twelve times the normal level !

Well, time to face it.. Meth has come to town.
Methamphetamine -- its slang terms include 'crystal,' 'crank,' 'glass,' 'ice,' 'speed' -- is a powerful, addictive synthetic stimulant that causes the brain to release a surge of dopamine, creating a high that lasts from six to 24 hours. Like cocaine, meth comes in two forms: powder or rock.
There are 1.4 million meth users in America, and the number is rising. Although meth has generally been associated with white, male, blue-collar workers in rural areas of the western United States, with meth's spread to the East Coast there's now more diversity among users. The National Association of Counties reports that users are both high school and college students and white and blue collar-workers as well as people in their 20s and 30s who are unemployed.

"Meth" is a highly addictive stimulant that can be smoked, snorted, injected, or taken orally. Users, particularly during the withdrawal, or "tweaking" phase, may experience acute psychosis and commit acts of extreme violence.  Meth creates an artificial pleasure sensation. It does this by mimicking the chemicals that, without drugs, would send pleasurable impulses to the brain. The problem with extended use of meth is that the brain can no longer tell the difference between artificial and natural pleasure signals.
Methamphetamine is so dangerous because it only takes one time to become addicted.
Meth use triggers a dopamine release that is about twelve times the normal level.
And the harsh reality is our kids, college students, neighbors and friends may be addicted !

It is here and we have to learn the signs…
The easiest outwardly visible sign of Methamphetamine use is rapid weight loss.
Another sign is that the user often becomes careless about their appearance and overall physical well being.
Obsessive, fidgety behavior.
A meth user often engages in constant, rambling conversation.
Dilated pupils and rapid, darting eyes.
Frequent sweating.     
Money and valuables missing.

Other signs of use may be the objects that can be found associated with the use of Methamphetamine. Items such as burned aluminum foil or light bulbs that have been converted to smoking devices. Small Ziploc baggies and cut drinking straws are indicators for use. An overabundant supply of butane fuel or windproof butane lighters could be an indication of use.

To learn about the dangers to our neighborhoods…

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Back in November I wrote a blog………   

Inquiring why can’t there be some kind of Data Base in the state that can alert either the doctor or the pharmacy that this person has received several prescriptions of narcotics?

Abuse of prescription drugs to get high has become increasingly prevalent among teens and young adults.  While heroin is probably the # 1 killer, prescription drugs come in a close second.                                                                   

Prescription painkillers — which kill thousands of Americans a year — has become a largely unrecognized epidemic, experts say.
 In fact, prescription drugs cause most of the more than 26,000 fatal overdoses each year, says Leonard Paulozzi of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Well here is a N.Y. State Attorney General's Idea.....

The program is designed to make it easier for doctors to avoid overprescribing drugs.
But what about Doctors who really don’t care?
Trust me when I tell you this… the Addicts know very well what doctor will freely give out narcotics.

It must be up to the State to alert the pharmacies when the addict/dealer comes in to fill yet another prescription.
 It should then be denied.
Right now, one person can get as many prescriptions for narcotics as they want. At as many pharmacies as they want.

Drug dealers doctor shop and get many prescriptions filled at different pharmacies then they sell them on the street.
It has to stop!

Tis the season…BEWARE
Pittston … From Times Leader
Police said two men posing as PPL employees stole jewelry from an elderly woman’s house on Thursday.
One of the men told the woman they were checking utility poles and meters in the area. He instructed the woman to turn on lights inside her house. As she did he looked through drawers, stealing jewelry, police said.
Police said the second man stayed outside. The woman realized jewelry was stolen after the two men left. Police said the man who entered the house is described as white, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall, and wearing a dark-colored short sleeve shirt and pants.

Wow.. Miners Mills got hit hard.

Reports from Clipboard at Police Station
6/2– 6/14
Armed robbery occurred early Wednesday morning at the Turkey Hill at Hazle Avenue and South Wilkes-Barre Boulevard. Police said two men pulled into the parking lot and parked in front of the automated teller machine at about 2:40 a.m. They waited for about 10 minutes before one of the men – described as black, 5 feet, 9 inches to 6 feet tall, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, a dark baseball hat, dark pants and a mask concealing his face -- entered the store brandishing a large silver revolver with a long barrel.
Abbott Street - a global positioning system was stolen from car
69 Public Square – burglary- jewelry
113 Waller Street – burglary-  gaming equipment from his residence.
65 Dewey Lane -  wallet was stolen from vehicle .
 352 East Main Street - damaged stereo equipment on vehicle
352 East Main Street – TFMV- cash
 1513 Scott Street – damage to vehicle’s door handle
69 Parrish St. - damaged locks of vehicle
227 George Avenue- someone entered Premo’s Bakery, 227 George Ave. burglary, cookies and small amount of money.
1515 Scott St. - Bike stolen
125 N. Sherman – Car window smashed
120 S. Sherman- Rock thrown through house window.
86 S. Grant- Smashed window
102 Wood St.- TFMV- wallet
37 Harry St.- Rock through car window
187 Parrish- Burglary-  copper pipes
790 Kidder St.- Graffiti on building
83 Marlbough Ave.- TFMV- Gym Bag
120 Sanbourne- air conditioner !
Park and Lock- TFMV- GPS
17 Dougher Lane- Above ground pool !
CEO – Amber lane- slashed tires
177 Old River Road- Brick through car window- power tools stolen
Assault and robbery- Church Street
265 Barney St. – Window smashed in car
13 Lock St.- License plate stolen
165 W. River- Window smashed on house
39 Calvin St.- Burglary- Router and bits
277 N. Main St.- Window smashed in car
474 South St.- Lawn Mower stolen
319 Horton- Burglary- - Money, Credit Cards, medication
28 Blackman- Copper pipes
129 Barney - GPS

 BB gun spree…( Police have suspects)
641 N. Wash.- car window
257 Barney St.- window in home
91 St. Claire- car window
89 St. Claire- window in home
88 Madison- - window in Home


5/31-9:35PM - 11 West North street, theft of weight lifting equipment.

6/1-10:59PM - 1261 Scott street, caller got home screen door kicked in, jewelry missing.

6/10-7:30PM - 126 Gilligan Street, house broke into.

213 East View drive, large fight 30 people, knives and machetes involved

6/7  Male on Park Ave stabbed in the face.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

And the living is easy...

Updating status with a line saying “I am out for a vacation” or “I won’t be home till next week” can lead you getting robbed.
 These days’ burglars search the social networking site to see who is out-of-town and prone to robbery. Police busted a bunch of burglars and they said they used Facebook as a tool to gather intelligence on who is home and who is not home. One should always be extra careful while using such social networking sites.

Screens are only made to keep bugs out…Not burglars! Close and lock all basement and first floor windows when you are sleeping and are not at home.

If you're out working in your garden these spring days, make sure you keep your doors locked. Carry a key with you and lock your front door and your back door. Some criminals specialize in stealing from homes when people are outside doing yard work.

Always secure windows and doors in the basement. It can be easy to forget about this area of the house during the summer months when we're running in and out doing chores.

Suspects, posing as legitimate workers, approach elderly homeowners at their residence with the intent of gaining entry under a seemingly legitimate role: local gas company, water department, cable company, tree trimmers, pavers, County inspectors, or government officials. One suspect will distract the homeowner while a second suspect will enter the home and search inside for valuables and cash.

Because I have been busy, we have not been patrolling at night very much. But we Are back!!!!!!
 Sometimes we wonder if two old ladies in a car make a difference. Well, It must.
 The past two months, while we were busy doing other things, there was a rash of crime in our area. Tires slashed, cars stolen and broken into and homes burglarized.

Just tonight, we followed the kids that are the suspected tire slashers all around. They went home. They will get to know us VERY good.

We checked out a suspected drug house and watched them smoking CRACK!

And we seen two drug deals at our local Convenient Mart.
All information will forwarded to the proper authorities.  

I had to laugh because on that stupid “ I can say anything I want because I don’t have to put down my real name” Comment thingy on in the Times Leader Online section people...
 ( cowards) are making fun of us because we do what we do.
 To them… Bite Me !

Scanner Addict
5/19 2:30 AM Shots fired /two jeeps.. 105 Prospect Street
5/15-9:46PM - 98 Sambourne street, window smashed out of vehicle.
5/7 - 11:08PM - 131 Grove street, vandalism to a vehicle.

5/7-1:59PM - 37 Ralph St, license plate stolen off vehicle

Just now… A guy just went to a stranger’s door,  all beat up… he was jumped by a bunch of males with baseball bats on Murray Street